Energy Distant Healing – 60 minutes


Distant Energy Healing –

Experience powerful healing to help transform your life, balance you chakras as well as clear out many yeart of unwanted fear and negativity from your body




distant energy healing energy healing distant energy distance healing healingDistant Energy Healing

With so much going around (or note) loneliness, frustration, lack of support or

Distant Energy Healing can assist with a range of symptoms

A sense of tiredness – where  you may have held so much stress in your body

A sense of relief – where you are feeling overwhelmed by external forces

A sense of emotional drain by thoughts releasing long term held patterns

Tension and anxiety in the body

A need for extra sleep

An end to ailments or symptom of body aches and pains

Energy Healing powerful methods to send distance healing can be enacted through:

Visualization: Seeing photos or videos of the person you wish to heal

Skype: Skype calls allow people to see and hear those they wish to connect with

Phone: A phone call is enough to open the connection with a person, as an audio connection

Surrogate: A person can act as a surrogate for the intended person/animal/child

Thought/Meditation: Distance healing can be carried out through the energy waves of thought. A person can meditate with the intention to create well being for another person

Once you enroll for this healing, I will be forwarding you a form to complete for further information.





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