How to Master Life: The Science Behind soul purpose life coaching soul purpose life purpose life coaching purpose life soul purpose life coach inner wisdom guidance spiritual healing

Though shrouded in mystery, down through the ages a select few have known ‘The Secret’ to life mastery. By the early twentieth century, one man of science had put his finger squarely on it. But that man, Thomas Troward, wrote it down in a way that made it accessible only to those willing to struggle with the scientific jargon of the era. Now that jargon has been decoded and transformed into plain English, making the science behind ‘The Secret’ available to all. The works in this book arm readers with the knowledge to fully transform their lives. The techniques can be used to land the perfect job, meet the right mate, conceive the perfect child, and more. Scientifically-based answers are given to such questions as how, why, and when prayer works, how we wittingly or unwittingly create the circumstances of our lives, and why what we dwell on and fear is likely to happen. “How to Master Life” is meant for all who would ascend to the abundant life they have the courage to imagine.