In order to successfully market and promote your business, you need to connect, authentically, person-to-person, one-to-one. You client has to know you care about them; they have to feel you understand them and ‘hear’ them. When you speak directly to the exact right client for you, you will be heard, your client will feel you are talking to them directly and they will know you understand them.

Define Your Niche

The more clearly defined your market niche is, the easier it is to connect with your clients. You must speak the language of that niche. I’m not talking about business jargon, or corporate speak, but rather connecting by letting your audience know that you understand what their challenges are.

For example, many solo- entrepreneurs are in business because they’re good at something and that something is usually not running a business. If you serve the small business market, you can express the ‘pain’ they feel at wanting to spend time doing _________ – whatever it is that they excel at, but having to spend time marketing, so they have people they can practice their specialty with.

It makes such a big difference in our ability to connect when we can demonstrate that we understand. When you understand what people want and what they need and you can speak to them in plain, sincere language that they understand – when they can say “YES, that’s exactly how I feel”, you’ve found your voice in the marketplace.

Consider that being seen as an expert in your field is a tremendous advantage in marketing yourself. The more you focus and specialize, the more you increase your knowledge base, your credibility and your reputation as an expert. Don’t spend time trying to be everything to everyone, or you risk being nothing to no one. Instead spend your time to dig deep and truly understand – and then help solve – the problems of the people who are your ideal clients Clients Problems will fuel your business.

Your clients have problems and you have solutions. Problems fuel the need for the services you provide and your solutions provide the fuel for your clients to serve their market and solve their problems. Begin by identifying all the problems you know your target audience faces and start connecting with them about those. It’s an authentic, heart-felt way to help them and build your business and it works for everyone. Win-win.

Some Questions to Help You Focus

What will working with you help your client accomplish?
What results are high priorities for them to achieve? (to compel them to work with you, you must understand what is important for them to solve).
What results you do you deliver?
Can you demonstrate results of your service?
How do the results your offer differ from your competitors?
What is the primary value you offer to your clients?
What key problems do you help them solve?

Identify the common problems your clients have that you can solve. Clients buy results, not the service or the methodology. Even if you have developed revolutionary processes, they are only as good as the problems they solve. Marketing to your client’s problem is a deceptively simple breakthrough concept.

Thinking this way is so simple and easy to do. The biggest challenge for most people is changing old ways of thinking. It’s worthwhile, however as the mental shift can make a world of difference in the effectiveness and profitability of your business.

Certified Mentor & Coach for Women Reeny Barron Law of Attraction, Energy Psychology and New generation techniques to empower transformational entrepreneurs to achieve their life and business goals aligning mindset and marketing – Connecting Heart and Business to Attract the Right Clients, Income and Lifestyle.   Her blog includes inspirational articles showing you how to use your business to create your ideal lifestyle.