ProsperityProsperity by definition is where we are living a successful, flourishing and thriving life.

When you have a big dream and you’re working toward realizing that dream, every day is exciting and becomes more fulfilling.

Your motivation is literally drawing you toward it giving it energy helping you realize your dream, visions and goals.

Prosperity is your unique imprint where you have the opportunity to live this life. It enables you to raise your vibrations where you can give the world more of your true self.

Wallace Wattles, one of the early ‘new thought’ authors is quoted as saying:

“The person who is certain to advance is the one who is too big for their place, and who has a clear concept of what they want to be, who knows that they can become what they want to be and who is determined to be what they want to be in life and in business.”

 Your shield of absolute non-negotiable to a vibrant, truly connected, super FULL life.

Sometimes, it’s easy for us to get caught up in  day to day activities that draw on our energy.

You may look for the answer from others’ examples and strategies but more often find yourself questioning and comparing yourself to them.

You see your colleagues achieving what you want and as you base your opinions on what they may have achieved materially or monetarily, you continue to ask yourself:

‘Why Not Me?  I Followed the Rules!’

So why would you judge yourself by  external appearances and the levels of financial success of others.  This makes living a prosperous life difficult.

What is true prosperity?

Searching for prosperity in our lives is our birthright.   Yes,  there will be blocks, resistances  or karma that is generational  stand in our way.

Wallace Wattle states “everything is energy“.  Our vibrations will attract or deter our level of prosperity.

♥What do you believe is yours to have?

♥What is standing in your way of attracting prosperity into your life?

So can you up level your vibration to living a life of prosperity and success?

Pay close attention to your feelings

When you are on the correct path of true prosperity feelings of joy, contentment and happiness happen.  Notice when you are elated what events bring this to you.

Keep fine tuning

When life pulls you off track, allow your awareness to examine what is diminishing your energy so you can make purposeful adjustments.

Know what your true path feels like

Your passion and energy drives you forward in a non-effortless and resistant way.  This gives life more meaning, purpose, clarity and direction.

Keep a journal of awareness

Shifting your awareness and noticing what is throwing you off course will help to clear patterns that emerge.  When you know what is stopping you, you will be able to create new and better ways forward and/or find areas where you may need some help.

Be patient and persistent

Altering the way we use our energy requires the same initial effort as learning any new thing.  But no matter where you are on your learning curve, if you know you are headed in the right direction you will get there.

Stay authentic to what is yours through self-awareness

When you stay in a state of  continued awareness you have the ability to adjust your internal compass which is flawless and will guide you to positive prosperity.

The flow of energy is precise and predictable.

Self-awareness is your compass to adjust into the flow of prosperity.

To you living your dreams!