The Purpose of Healing is to be Strong in the Broken Places

18 September

Proud of  My HeartI love the image of the healed ‘thing’, be it a heart, a bone, a wound, even an idea – being stronger than it was originally. Often that’s the case physically, but I believe it can be mentally as well, if we open up and let that experience into our lives.

Healing is a word that’s become more common and is worth thinking about – what does it mean? Healing is a process, I think it’s one we should honor and let in, rather than try and shut it out and push it away.

Like so much in life, it has to happen, so letting or allowing makes it more yours, more of a choice and an easier road to travel. When I say it must happen, I mean change. Change can be positive, or it might be a loss. We know that to move forward, we must move through, and even positive changes can come with challenges and the need to adapt.

Examples might be ending a relationship that no longer serves you. It’s still painful and there’s still a process you must go through. Push it away and avoid it, and it will take longer to resolve. Embrace and experience it, you’ll move through with less anguish and angst and you can enjoy the growth that occurs.

Well, if ENJOY is a stretch, you can at least be present, bear witness to your change and acknowledge its need in your life. You can be healed.

I like the image of dancing with healing. It’s a way to visualize engaging with it that’s more joyful than anything else.

Healing is about opening to the wounds and letting them heal, from the inside out, exposing them to the wind and sun and time, allowing yourself to get better, be cared for and grow.

Healing is about being awake and living where you are alive, accepting yourself, finding something to love and embrace and cherish – in you – instead of dying while you are alive by pushing away what’s real and true, which we are especially prone to do when something is painful.

Healing is the step between grieving and growing.  And, when you look back on it, it often feels like a rich time that served a positive purpose. Why not look at it that way as you’re in it? Be an observer, take that view.

The purpose of our lives is to become whole and to move toward a vision of ourselves and our lives in which we are alive, vibrant and whole. Whole by definition means accepting ALL the parts of ourselves and all our emotions, feelings and experiences. Without judgement and without exception.

I believe we should stay connected to what sustains us and know that we are perfect just as we are. That doesn’t mean you shouldn’t change, it just means you have an urge toward something different AND you’re perfect just as you are. Right here, right now. Perfect.

Healing the past is the first step.

Living in the present is the next.

Gratitude can get you there. Try to find something every day you are grateful for. There is always something, even on the darkest of days. And, you can make it about you. Love yourself.

Be grateful for your skills, your talent, the people in your life, your eyesight, your health – any of it, all of it. It’s the biggest healing there is.

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