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I have a deep seated belief that we have everything we need to heal and the power and capacity within ourselves to achieve our dreams and fulfill our calling.   What I mean is that you are exactly where you’re supposed to be at this moment in time.

If you find deep acceptance in a belief,  you can start from a place of openness and willingness, stepping into that which is yours is to do.  This is where we become most vulnerable to the experiences of what life is to show us.

As humans we rely on others for many things, as we’re designed to be interdependent.  We seem to function best when we help others and allow ourselves to be helped. Yes, of course, for many of us and for women in particular, we seem to be much better at helping others than having this returned. 

Finding our true path and opening to our divine wisdom of what is ours to do and finding the WAY through to do it, works best when we are willing to be open to a different type of path.  There is always some process to go through like anything else, where we have to connect and listen to our guides, angels, our true source for that one divine purpose -waiting for us to  hear in the quiet of our heart’s whisper of your  heart’s voice –to make you aware and conscious again. 

A Purpose Driven Life

In my journey over 30 years, it has become vital for me to understand my own purpose.   With this came both with challenges and  adversities.  Challenges and adversities are gifts.     They are part of the blessing life has given me – an opportunity to become who I am today.

I know now that each of us come into this lifetime to correct and live the essence of who we are really here to be.  Where we can individually express our purpose through our work and in our lives.   I know even with this karmic understanding at some point in everyone’s life there is this need to grasp more of one’s place in this world.

What we do in this lifetime maybe one of correction, to find our individuality?  Your journey is not the same  as mine or others.    Yet most often we seek to follow the path of others looking for the right answer, an easier quicker journey.  Sometimes we can win by duplication but most times we lose. 

What is it that holds us back from living in our own uniqueness?

Avoiding anything that was difficult, finding shortcuts for everything possible, and as a result of this avoiding those challenges of life.  This has held myself from growing into the person that I could become.

Have you ever dreaded a conversation, because you wanted to avoid the topic? Did you imagine a million different scenarios, each one scarier than the next until you just felt fatigued?

When you finally opened up and talked about ‘it’ – you were tremendously relieved? That you felt unburdened and clearer – that your path was made easier by simply sharing what was in your mind and on your heart?

The first step to knowing and understanding a purpose driven life is to ask yourself what is my quest?

There are many of us who walk our path totally with blinkers.  We are often unaware of our actions and the way we present ourselves to the world.  The more we know of our quest we awaken to who are to become.  Along with its challenges and adversities.  Asking ourselves deep questions around our identity at most times throws us into a spin of uncertainty.   But that’s okay.

 You can start here right now for this first step  

Take some time now to ask  yourself questions – in a quiet uninterrupted space where you can go within. 

  • What were you born to do?
  • Who are you becoming?
  • Why is it important for you to realize the essence of you?

I am that I am

Don’t worry about how you might get there, whether it’s realistic, whether you have the resources. NO. Just let go into the asking of your guides.

What would the outcome be? Could you help more people? Feel more personally fulfilled? Love more? Learn more? Give more? Listen and open to the pesky voice that is here to give you free reign and support

And when you have the answers take immediate action on a daily basis to help you tap into your beautiful new self take a few deep breaths and repeat: I am that I am – I am that I am.