Purposeful marketing vs traditional marketing

How we traditionally take our expression of  a divine soul purpose and mission into the world.

  • As an Creator of your Divine Soul Business you most likely begin by gathering multiple on line self help tools.  They are either the ones you have created for yourself or ones you have seen others use before.  Yet, you know in your heart if feels inauthentic.
  • There is a reliance on traditional marketing exercises as this is what works for the majority of people.   Most marketers (and many businesses) rely on developing content based information based on driving interest and selling products .  It  mostly uses psychological tricks and manipulations to get a result.  Yes, this is a worthy and has worked for many. 
  • Shifting your focus from traditional marketing practices, without the knowledge of the soul, fails
  • A soul centered business IS FOUNDED  on the bedrock of what you bring to this world.  Your essence, blessing, mission and vision.

It starts with determining a divine soul purpose blessing and mission.


Your blessing is the transformation you give and is what inspires you.

Your mission is what you came to mission is what you  came to do here on EARTH

Creating a Divine Soul Purpose and Mission

The expression of your divine soul purpose and your purposeful mission intersect subtlety.  Your Higher Self is an expression of your Divine Soul Purpose.  Your Soul Purpose Mission is an outcome remembering what you are here to do.  Through the work you do and working faithfully with messages of your Divine Self, your mission is revealed.  Your Higher Self aligns with Divine Self through the Soul answering all the questions giving you all the steps.

Purposeful Marketing through the Divine

Purposeful Marketing is a rightly driven content marketing strategy.   Resonating powerfully  in an authentic, organic way .  Tuning into your Highest Soul Purpose  precise description of your mission is given..

Because this form of marketing is rooted in who you are and why you’re here, you don’t even need to create it — you receive it!


By revealing the deeper truth of effecting change for your clients — thus acquiring precise, purposeful words — you can stand all powerful in your marketing, as you are speaking from whole truth of your higher self


soul purpose soul purpose centered business divine soul purpose mission purposeful marketing soul purpose centered purpose centered businessWhen you follow the path of Purposeful Marketing you will:

  • Understand how this form of marketing is rooted in who you are and why you’re here
  • Learn why you don’t even need to create it — you receive it!
  • Map your ideal clients to serve their highest good
  • Discover aspects of  your purpose carrying its most impact and attraction the clients you are to serve.
  • Understand why traditional marketing won’t always work to find your divine audience
  • Position yourself in a specific ways to have no competition at all
  • Discover two sources of information making our writing easier
  • Uncover key issues preventing you from being clear in your marketing


You are seeking away  to bring change and betterment to the world through the transformation you give through your soul purpose centered business.

Your soul purpose centered business

  • Take your mission grounding it into the world.
  • Tune into your highest purpose in the most precise way to describe what you offer and delivered
  • Know the exact steps of your offerings through the voice of your higher self
  • Develop your own signature offer as a leader and influence in your field
  • Allow your messaging become –  so authentic – so incredibly valuable –  clear and certain


Your soul purpose centered business is unique to you and the one reason you do what you do. Your distinction and offerings will have people wanting to work with you over and over.


Use purposeful marketing and align yourself with the Universe

If you want to feel like you are really living your soul purpose, and want to have more support learning the steps to creation, this how you will co-create with your higher self

  • Make decisions from a place of tenderness. confidence and a feeling of abundance.
  • Take actions to follow with concrete fulfilling results
  • Bring clarity from a new light
  • Feel balanced, grounded and whole bringing that solid feeling of congruence to the interactions with others.
  • Express yourself in an authentic way that is gentle and accessible, yet powerful.
  • Identify the ‘why’ your client needs you and build your trust and credibility in the market.
  • Learn practices that nourish your heart and soul.
  • Heal the internal blocks, fears and beliefs sabotaging you going forward.
  • Learn how to express your soul purpose mission into your business, expression through the light of your divine soul.
  • Understand how you play a part of the greater whole and what you contribute.
  • Develop a clear soul purpose vision, setting specific soul based goals, purposeful practices, and support systems
  • Know the difference between selling and scared based selling
  • Be supported by your uniqueness and purposeful messaging aligned to your soul purpose.
  • Differentiate between ego illusions and the voice of your higher self
  • Identify your target market and niche that would be most receptive to you soul purpose business
  • Develop a signature system for your clients

Take the life soul purpose quiz

I wanted to get my business going for about 18 months and was becoming discourage and a bit exhausted. Realizing knowing what to do and being good at particular things didn’t mean that I knew how to promote or run a business. Seeking a soul purpose coach who was heart centered was my criteria as my business was holistic.

Reeny recognized that many women can become discouraged, and I loved this(!)  Most trying to start their own holistic business if difficult following traditional practices, so I knew she would understood where I was at.

My breakthrough with Reeny was when I realized that my relationship to my business was all about me — what I was wanting to do, who I was and what I am able to do.  This changed my perception to being of service and connecting to my divine target audience.

Working with Reeny brought me confidence, clarity and some very helpful personal revelations during guided meditations and processes. Reeny totally supported me as a mentor, guiding me in marketing and product development, an ear to bend when I wanted to talk about myself and what was really exciting was getting a clear set of purpose statements to help me stay on track.

If you’ve been trying hard to get your business going for a while, and are feeling like giving up or losing confidence, then working with Reeny can help you shift your relationship to your business so that it feels fresh and exciting again.

Fliss WheelerEnergise my Life

Elevate the Expression of your Divine Blessing and Mission –  Soul Purpose Centered Business

Throughout this program of self discovery  you will be taking substantive steps towards attracting more of your divine client.

I am sure you have questions, let me answer them for you.

When you say yes to receive direct, one-on-one support.  Maybe you want a more fulfilling aligned soulful business, one where you  are of service.  Where you can makeng the world a better place while getting your business to work.

Are you Ready…. Learn how Purposeful Marketing your Soul Centered Business Makes a Difference

I am sure you have questions just ask me!      We will send more information on the program.