10 Proven Strategies to Ignite Your Divine Business

Here is your Gift – Your Master Plan to Creating a Divine Business   

Read how you Spirit Led Business may be Disadvantaged and keeping you Broke! and What to Do About It!

Ten  Proven Strategies to  Ignite  Your  Divine  Business. In building your own business, the stakes can be very high particularly if you are a change agent, healer, coach, consultant or in another service industry with a holistic approach. 

This is because you are selling a service that is new and yet to be translated into the commercial world of business.    It can be challenging and sometimes disheartening as often your business it isn’t growing the way you had planned it to.

Making some small, positive changes to your mindset and business can be the one thing that you can do to take what you love to do into a bigger and brighter vision and build your dreams.



With warmth and gratitude.

Reeny Carvotta Barron

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