the soul touched reiki healing


The energies within our bodies can be adversely affect by oneself and by others.  We can easily pick up on negative emotions and feel these left unresolved or we have kept negative emotions within our bodies from past experiences.  These negative influences overtime can affect our mind, body and soul.

What is Reiki?

Reiki – incorporates energy healing balance the yin and yang facilitating a smooth flow of Chi through the meridians. Blockages in meridians can be dissolved using Reiki and help restore the body to health.

Reiki is a transfer of energy from the cosmos and enables healers to take the energy from the cosmos to the person receiving. Reiki acts as a channel to transfer energy healing from the cosmos.

Reiki Healing

Every session will start with a pre-healing conversation via Zoom. Following this a positive protective environment will be created around you in preparation for the healing.  It is recommended to have a minimum of four sessions to start the healing process.

Healing sessions by distance or by face-to-face via Zoom where healing is done whiles you relax in your sitting or lying down.  During tradition Distance Healing session, no video or phone contact is required, the healing is sent to you at an agreed time whicl you simply lie down and receive.