Head vs Heart

In today’s society where we are pushed to perform most of our decision are head decisions driven by our left-brain, says self-awareness coach Barbara Scogings.

These decisions are analytical an one dimensional centered on conscious, logical, rational thinking.

We come down to them by directly considering the pros and cons of different options, assigning values and weights to each and considering best and worst-case scenarios and the probabilities of these.

Heart decisions on the other hand, are within.  They’re emotional; rooted in our feelings and intuition.  We arrive at them by listening to our inner voice, visualizing different options and their implications, noticing the feelings associated with each, sometime even considering our dreams, looking to our subconscious for guidance.

Which drives the two will impact greatly on your life from your early 20’s until you retire says transformation coach and author Steve Wright Krummeck.

Your basis personality type can also play a role.  But lets put that aside.  If you are a sensitive person you tend to be more heart felt and intuitive, unconventional, exploratory, sociable, compassionate and humane.

In contrast to head people, who are sometimes call ‘life’s logicians’ mostly need time to plan and consider, like to organize and synthesize information, prefer to learn vicariously through books, storing large amount of information.


If you’re like most people, you don’t always feel that way – that everything can be so black and white.

Self-awareness is developed through practices in focusing your attention on the details of your thoughts, feelings and actions.   It isn’t learnt from reading a book. When you read a book you are focusing your attention on the theoretical ideas demonstrated in the book. With your attention in a book you are practicing not paying attention to your own behavior, emotions, feelings and personality.

If you have an emotional reaction of anger or frustration or fear, you can begin by noticing the many thoughts and the small triggers that shape those emotions and feelings.

You can also being by noticing moments when you can change your perceptions of what is actually happening by asking yourself “Is what I am feeling is from the reason I think or if I am anger is for the reason I think.”

In this heightened awareness you instinctively make better choices in your thought process long before an emotional reaction or destructive behavior.

Once we are aware of our imbalance in our relationships, career, finances etc. we allow our for our own growth to move out of the emotional traumas that hold us back.

There may be parts of you that you’d rather hide from the world, thank you very much!

Were you to hide, however, you (and the world) would be losing a lot.

Each time you brush a part of yourself away, you “cloak” your power and tether yourself to your smallness.

The good news is you can transform your darkest parts and deepest wounds into your greatest strengths.   Most decisions come down to head versus heart.

So where do you sit?

1)      If you’re feeling blocked as you attempt to “step into your greatness,” and you notice some discomfort, take a moment and sit with it.  Try to discern what the resistance is all about get a journal and write daily  and/or try meditation.

2)      Also, if you engage in spiritual practices and feel connected to some form of spiritual guidance, ask that guidance about the block.  Explore questions like:  What truth am I not seeing here and why is this showing up right now?

Our entire life is about one big question….  Listen and learn!