Strong Yet Sensitive?

31 December

sensitive yet strongAs a sensitive and for most other sensitives  often wonder  ‘how can I overcome what is so overwhelmingly strong within me?  Will I have to continue to tough this out in my life.  Will it every change?’

We are all born into our families where we are told ‘this is the way it has to be!’

Even when we are conceived and in the womb we are surrounded by and absorbed by the effect of our mothers, the effects of all her body, awareness, feelings and soul at the cellular levels of her body.

We feel these effects in our own body, mind, feelings and the soul where our DNA energetically endures stemming even before our birth.

So here we are taking this with us.  Here where experiences even beyond our own knowing begin to form limiting beliefs about ourselves slowing were recorded into our unconscious, super conscious minds eventually feeling like it is so familiar.  Our bodies are carrying for us all those thoughts, emotions, feelings that we most likely feel could not be mine.

It isn’t true that you are invisible to others – it may be that you are invisible to yourself.  Though my mother was never able to become the person she aspired to be I did appreciate the lessons I learned and so clearly expanded my   own life through the example of her life.

I am sure my mother got her beliefs about her own invisibility from her parents who got it from their parents and so on back through many generations.

We become caged with limiting beliefs about ourselves and who we can become. Each of the bars of the cage has been created for us through our DNA and experiences in this lifetime where our awareness gives us choice to hang onto or to reject.

How we live our world

As a sensitive person delicately attuned to the energy around us experience a tone of voice, how we are treated or what she did or didn’t do meant these experiences remained malevolent.

When our human spirit is caged or limited, our soul suffers.  Deep down each one of us has an inner knowing of our worth and value and a deep love of freedom, possibility and choice.    As sensitive people we have adopted, typically unknown to how, a cage or two in which we live in, that limits our potential and often kept hidden from ourselves to stay safe.

The inner conflict generates emotions of anger, fear and sadness.  We stay in our cages walking with uncertainly back and forth filled with repressed feelings of rage and grief – not moving – falling back onto what we only know.  To what is – ‘this is the way it has to be’.  We feel helpless to stand out, to act, never having the ability to have choices. We all have struggles as a sensitive – limiting beliefs that imprison us, encage us.

What would you rather have be true for you?

You can start by reinvesting your beliefs with profound experiences  of inner wisdom and power that were lost in you at some point in time.


♥Being visible

♥Being heard


♥Feeling safe

♥Worth, deserving

♥Inner power



Ask yourself ‘what would you rather believe about yourself?’   Let your imagination out of its cage when you do this

Write the words that describe the world in which you want to live.    Of course, just arriving at new beliefs and stating them is not enough to create actual change, although it does plant positive seeds to go forward.  Our real work actually is about healing the pain in ourselves, one period at a time and one minute at a time.

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