Did you ever have the experience of throwing something out the car window (something biodegradable like an apple of course) only to have it fly right back through the window and land in your lap? The wind will do that and particularly the wind combined with the velocity you’re creating flying down the road. The apple core that refuses to go away.

Mistakes can be like the discarded apple core. Refusing to go away. Sometimes we wallow in our mistakes or focus on the problems. It could be anything. Negative feedback from a customer or client, a tricky experience with a staff member or colleague, a tech issue, not getting the contract, wishing you had something different in the conversation that you rehash in your mind for days. You hold on, you struggle with the experience, even though it’s past.

It happens to everyone. In fact, successful business is often about effective response to the challenges that inevitably arise. In smaller businesses, or for solo-entrepreneurs, disappointments and setbacks can sometimes feel more personal and in fact have greater impact. There are as many people to disperse the experience through.

Have you lain awake going over the day’s or week’s events in your mind and wondering how it would’ve turned out if you had done this or that differently? If you work alone, it all happens alone, in the ‘vacuum’ of your own mind, sometimes making it more difficult to let go of.

The more you focus on the problem, the bigger it seems. And somehow in the dark of night the problem often seems bigger than it is. How do you deal with these setbacks and move on? How do you turn them into lessons that actually benefit you? You need something to get rid of the negative voices in your head and when  nothing else is working you might turn to the NLP Mantra originated by Richard Banlder, the co-creator of NLP.

He suggests when your monkey mind is chattering and the self-talk is negative, bordering on poisonous, you just shout:

“Shut The F* Up!”  Bet you weren’t expecting that!

It’s extreme, but it gets ‘your minds’ attention’ and it stops you from chewing on the problem to the point of obsession!

I bet you’re smiling just reading this, aren’t you?  It works!

There’s another technique I teach that works brilliantly well: EFT (Emotional Freedom Techniques).  It works to remove blocks, dimish the hidden challenges and blind spots, and barriers that stand in our way to success..  It works especially well on issues that you want to get over but just can’t.   It happens to all of us.

The ‘trick’ is to have tools at your disposal that help you deal with issues as they arise and before you chew them up and start to enjoy the struggle.  Let go on move on – you’ll feel better and get more done. Mistakes are just our guides along the path – they’re rarely fatal!

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