silver thread

In inevitable change, we cycle through the stages of life and learning.

Did you ever find that you’re doing something, or believe something that you used to think was impossible, or silly, or something you mocked and made fun of?

I know I have – seen that silver thread – yet sometimes dismissing it.  

What comes to mind is the experience. When I was, or rather my mind or spirit or soul or heart – call it what you will took me to another place. 

Here I am, hovering near the ceiling in a top corner of my room, and I found myself looking down on my own body.  I could see myself clearly, lying asleep, in my bed, on sheets bathed in sweat. 

Curiously there was no panic or concern.  Only a sense of deep calm.  I can also remember feeling very amused, yet detached and completely surprised.  Funny to see myself connected to my body by a thin silver thread.

I was amused because years before I had mocked at an account of a similar experience that I read in a book. I wrote it off, completely dismissed it.

Yet, here I had evolved into having the experience – the very one I mocked! And that’s all I remember.

I don’t recall the process of re-connection, and I certainly had no tools or framework through which I could understand the process of what happened to me. 

And yet the experience was as certain and real as anything I’d ever felt.

Yet for years, I used to make fun of my story and myself.  It was clearly an important event, mystifying unknowable and unexplained. But it was easier to make light of it – dismiss, that it was to take it in and accept it.

My Silver Thread of Thought

I’ve come to realise that our experiences are our teachers; waiting for us to recognize them.  They happen, and we make what we will of them, we learn the lesson or we laugh it off – judgmental and ‘all-knowing’ (not!)

Having this experience was the first time in my life.  I had ever really connected with the idea that I am here on earth for a purpose and that I have a mission to fulfill. 

I am not always sure exactly what that mission is, but I was able to see and open up to a whole new direction.  This sent me on a different path than I was choosing to be on.

This has caused me to reflect on what other significant events in my life contain important messages.  There are some that still await my attention and interpretation. 

Am I open to listening?  To seeing?  Is there more to what I may have missed by living too much on the surface? 

Through being too incurious, I pay close attention and not to jump to conclusions.  Conclusion about what anything means or whether it’s ‘real’ or ‘valid’.

If I can step back and detach from my intellect (head) and feel from my heart, I will be shown what I need to know. It just takes a moment.

Trying at times to think we all are shown everything.  We are, it is just we aren’t always looking, listening or being open to acceptance.

Being open and a student of life, of our lives makes us all curious.

You are wise and you have answers.

I encourage you to open to what is being revealed to you, I promise to do the same.