savor solitude

“She savored her few hours of freedom and solitude.”

When we get stressed things often appear to be worse than they actually are.

This feeling of being unsettled and unbalanced is the beginning step when you can begin to reflect and remember.

Give yourself the chance to understand and learn through solitude.

What makes you feel unsettled?

♥What or why you are you feeling a sense of lack of disorder or stability?

♥Is this coming from a place of neediness?

♥Are you creating what you want out of lack and neediness?

♥Or do you default to a space of giving and being helpful, seeing the good in situations and people?

♥Do you pay attention to your language, what you say and how you say it?

♥Do you choose the word need or the word want more often?

We know what we focus on we get, so it’s critically important to guard your consciousness – including your actions, your language, your feelings and your time.

Reflection in Solitude

Can you spend some time  in that precious solitude space reflecting?

♥What is not working?

♥What is working?

♥What is leaking your energy?

Each time there is an emotional peak pause the memory and ask:

♥What do you need right now?

♥What do you most desire

♥Do you believe you deserve what you are asking for?

♥Is it something you desire or is it someone else’s desire?

What could steady you?

A Dream – A Purpose – A Vision?

♥What would your life look and feel like if you had all that you imagined?

♥What would change for you?

♥Can you picture it, taste it, feel it, smell it?

I’ll let you in on a secret. It takes works to focus on something other than false appearances or perceptions which really are just an illusion.

When you do however, stop enough in solitude and question your desires from love and not of fear, your life changes. It happens rather quickly too.

Your subconscious truly does not know the difference between reality and perception.

Focus often on what you want – meditate on this daily including every aspect of want you want in your life.      Your self is sacred.  Know this and remember who you truly are.  You are deserving.   The unsettled and  unbalanced parts of you will settle lifting your spirit.


Have solitude time for you, and reflect on your answers to these questions. Your feelings of being unsettled are only temporary.

Fix upon what  you most desire and uplift your vibration while  you envision your perfect future and happy life.

It makes universal laws move ever faster in your direction.