Soul Purpose Life Coaching and Mentoring

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Why work with a  Soul Purpose Life Coach, Healer and Mentor?

This type of coaching guides you  towards greater clarity, focus, healing and alignment to your soul purpose.  As you Soul Purpose Life Coach, when we work together there will be challenges as sometimes what we hear is not what we expect from Divine Guidance.   It is a  process of assisting you to remove emotional, spiritual and mental blocks in order to clearly hear your  soul’s (higher self) messages from your own inner innate wisdom.

Soul Coaching for Purpose is about creating an realigning  your beliefs, inner fears towards living a more fulfilling joyful  connected life.  This means dissolving everything that could possible dis-empower you.  Uncovering your greatest assets and talent is key to help you build upon the foundation of why you are here.  To help you close the gap between your life as it is now and the life you dream of.

As your soul coach , healer,  counselor  and  and mentor.  I will teach you to develop your innate intuition,  get in touch with your inner spiritual heart and the discernment of Divine Guidance.  A separation from ego and spirit.

Where has your soul been guiding you?

All truth becomes visible from your inner wisdom (higher self)  .  You will learn to differentiate between ego and spiritual guidance.     Your connection to your higher self and your inner heart opens the door to all possibilities.  This is your divine’s guidance connecting you to your soul purpose and healing.   A  source that knows and supports you in the development of your life in this time and beyond.

Soul Purpose Life Coaching and Mentoring Relationship

Whether you are in need of clarifying support and guidance, seeking to accelerate your spiritual growth, awakening intuition, curious about spiritual health, wondering about soulful purpose, desiring deep transformation healing, or simply seeking to know and understand yourself and others better, you have found the right place.

Our sessions are only part of you working with me.   You also get worksheets, assessments, home play, meditations, reading, healing and energy healing.  Included are unlimited short emails between session appointments. If you need support in between, I’m here for you!  I coach the time that is necessary on each session.

Everyone is Unique

Whilst there are programs specifically outlining what can happen, I acknowledge everyone is unique.  Hence, the pathway to understanding and living your soul purpose and healing may differ.  As your soul coach total congruence with my clients is critical.

For any coaching to truly work, you as a client need to show up. Soul Coaching is not about me giving you answers. It’s about guiding you in finding your own answers healing and alignment.   I do this by teaching you to get in touch with your Higher Guidance, Higher Self, Inner Wisdom, and Aligning with your Heart Energy.  It is your investment in creating your own success.

This is not counselling or therapy.  Through Divinely inspired guidance and support, ​I journey with you as we navigate areas in your life that are preventing you from living your true potential.  This is not about me giving you answers. It’s about guiding you to find the answers to your most discerning questions.

How do I connect with my Clients?

Clients quickly identify and move through obstacles that are keeping them stuck and dissatisfied. They embark upon soulful journeys that facilitate profound and lasting shifts, enabling their divine radiance to shine through while uncovering their soul’s unique design and divine purpose.

This is your investment in creating your own true path for success to live a life of joy and fulfillment every day of your life.

These paths will open:

  • Practical, insightful information on your life’s mission & your soul purpose
  • Insight into your unique energetic blueprint
  • Potential areas of your life where you may be unconsciously ‘leaking’ energy
  • Expansive awareness of the soul-level gifts you carry with you from past incarnations
  • A greater sense of liberation, and inner peace that comes from knowing yourself, empowering yourself, and loving who you truly are.
  • Manage hot buttons – Anger, Upsets, Frustration and Stress
  • Detoxification of the mind, body, emotion and spirit
  • Heal emotional wounds
  • Release of  limiting internal life patterns
  • Self discovery, management and empowerment

What is expected of you?

As your Soul Purpose and Life Coach and Mentor you will need:

        • Patience and persistence
        • Curiosity and Faith to hear clearly the voice of guidance
        • An open free vulnerable self with complete trust of our Divine Self

I Will Stand by Your Journey

As your soul coach and mentor,  I will guide you  towards clarity, direction and focus, aligning your beliefs to support your soul purpose. blessing and mission, uncovering your greatest assets and help you build upon the foundation you have started.  And maybe even change this(!)

As a counselor, soul coach,mentor and healer, you have my commitment to you.  Permission to any healing is at your request. At all times I will uphold the highest standards of ethics.     I respect the dignity and confidentiality of you as my client, and appreciate that everyone is unique.

How Sessions are Delivered:

Anytime. Anywhere!

  • How Sessions are Delivered
      • Offered now online with Skype.  Ideal if you love the sanctuary of your own home, live anywhere in the world or simply prefer the online experience.  You will be personally supported throughout your entire program through email, live chat or phone/Skype.
      • Unlimited e-mail support. If you want me to evaluate your progress between calls, or on some actions or goals you are designed and unsure, just email me.  Just let me know what you need and when you need it and I’ll respond, often on the same day
      • Specific next steps to work on between sessions. You will have home-play and meditations (my happier version of in-between tasks) Remember, I’m always available by phone and email for support if you get stuck..
      • Focus calls between sessions. Seeking encouragement or inspiration or just stuck on what steps to take?  You can call or Skype me between scheduled meetings to discuss these and other specific issues.
      • Depending on your program you will receive compassionate personalized mentoring, coaching, counselling and guidance.  Included daily exercises, affirmations, handouts, meditations and more as  you learn more to hear your higher guidance.  Your higher guidance always reveals your soul purpose and direction.
      • Specific next steps to work on between sessions. You will have home-play and meditations (my happier version of in-between tasks) Remember, I’m always available by phone and email for support if you get stuck.
      • IF you have financial difficulty we will always organise an alternative.

Marketing & Emails

If you ask a question or a coaching question and you hesitate to answer truthfully because you think I will then sell you my latest program or product. this is out of my integrity. In my experience, it just wreaks havoc on the coaching relationship. It sets it up so the coaching is not as powerful as it can be. It stalls momentum for both of us. Just not worth it — for me or you.It is best to  keep my marketing and my coaching separate.

Mixing marketing and working as a soul coach is the wrong type for a  relationship with you. I don’t want you to ever have to wonder if any of my suggestions, ideas or feedback is a marketing ploy to get you to sign up to work with me.    You will only receive messages,  I feel are worthy of sending.

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