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Your Spiritual journey is the journey of your true self your true voice of divine guidance (also often referred to as higher self, super consciousness, supra consciousness, spirit, etc.), which is the spark of Divine Love (the Source of your True Voice).

It is not a symbolic journey or just a concept, but it is a real journey (nonphysical to our physical senses but very real nonetheless).

Our true spiritual journey is not about visiting holy places on Earth or higher dimensions if we are doing ascension.  It is about bringing together the truth of our journey and ground it into the physical plane.

The process of doing this work is not a matter of how much your brain learns, because one day your brain will perish. It is a matter of how much your higher self learns to open your heart and surrender to the Divine for answers.

The moment your true self surrenders to your Divine Guidance, your ego awareness is brought to the surface and your destination of your true journey can be heard, healed and manifested.

 How we Accomplish this Journey

Working with an open heart process you will receive an Inner Heart activation,where Reeny will activate your level of higher consciousness, depending on your condition.

A session begins with the flow of Divine energy to help cleanse your heart  and at the same time strengthening your connection to your True Voice.

As the cleansing is done simultaneously on all your chakras your Heart Opens to freely hear the answers to draw to  a more truthful understanding.

The cleansing processes performed by Divine energy  increases your  energy body’s vibration. This means your awareness or consciousness advances.

Each session is unique as you are guided by your own unique Divine Blueprint.

Heart to Higher Guidance Energy Healing and Coaching Techniques

Reiki TUMMO™ is an energy channeling technique that deals with energy from the universe. The energy from the universe is effective for healing and improving your health, clarity on relationships, career and soul purpose.  An important step for spiritual growth is cleansing.

When your energy body is cleaner, your energy vibration is higher, thus your spiritual consciousness is advancing. This is the most powerful technique will improve your health and have more peace,  calmness, happiness joy in your daily life.  This begins a process of becoming closer to your Divine Guidance through an open heart and soul awakening experience where true spiritual growth progresses.

Clearing Emotional Blockages

Decoding and dismantling emotional energy blocks and beliefs is very important work.

“You are the most important person in your life, and you need to take responsibility for yourself.”

Besides clearing out toxic emotions and beliefs that are embedded in the cells of your body you will learn to detox your body of any negative aspects that are energetically holding you back.

Past Life Releases

Many of the issues and problems that trouble us today are patterns of behavior based on core beliefs learned from our life experiences and set in place from our past.  These core beliefs dictate our behavior, emotional reactions and automatic responses in our day to day life.

Time Line  Therapy

You can change the way your life is quickly to let go of negative emotions from the past, let go of limiting decisions and create a future the way you want it.

The process involves using our imagination to create a compelling future that is inspirational and which brings about the desired outcomes.

“The future is not a gift, it is an achievement.
Every generation helps make its own future.
This is the essential challenge of the present”
— Robert F Kennedy

Voice Dialogue Coaching and Mentoring

A method for contacting, learning about, and working with the many selves that make up each of us.  There are many selves outside the inner child it also works with our inner critic, protector, skeptic etc.

Healing Vows and Curses

What is a Vow you will learn about the vows of the chakras and how sometimes we create negative vows often developed in our childhood.  You will uncover the vows and contracts made in this lifetime, dismantle and remove them.  Here you will be empowered with an ego awareness consciousness to transform your life!

Higher Guidance and Heart Centered Coaching and Mentoring

This program is both about self-inquiry and activating energies to assist you in a journey of deep personal transformation and self-realization.  It is about self-examination with the guidance of  a powerful divine force within all of us. t

The journey can be quite challenging yet REWARDING as we face and transcend our greatest fears and wounds of the ego.

Not only will these healing process be brought together in powerful heart to soul coaching,  you will begin to open to your higher  purpose path

Clients often have an ‘Ah_Hah’ moment, where the answers are clear and dots connected.

Becoming ego-aware of the ‘story’ behind your issues allows you release and heal any negative energy at a deeper level.

Sessions are run face to face or remote and last approximately 60 minutes or you can choose a program that is more intense transformation

“Now is the Time to Embrace an Open Heart and Guide Your Soul to Higher Purpose Path to Greater Joy Fulfillment Peace Freedom and Success”

Energy EFT Coach Healer |(Open Heart Reiki Tummo Practitioner) Higher Purpose and Voice Dialogue Coach | Connecting Heart of Business Mentor


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