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Sabotage – so what is it?

Ask Yourself

  • What are the negative voices in your head?   Often the voice tells you that you’re not something enough? The voice sabotaging you to change and move forward.
  • How often do you question yourself?
  • Good enough? Old enough? Young enough? Strong enough? Attractive enough? Rich enough? Skilled enough?
  • The truth is everyone has a tendency to play and replay the things that upset us..
  • Negative beliefs run and re-run in our heads until obsession occurs.

Where do sabotage beliefs come from?

Beliefs are often handed down from family, relationships, education, and our environment.  We want to fit in.  We are told what to do, often.  Seldom do we get to look into the depths of why we don’t do what or should, and want to do.  Inside us appears something holding us back.

Limiting beliefs and the fears that are attached to what we want are often are our biggest impediments.   Our beliefs and fears can stop you in your track – preventing you from seeing the possibilities.

Beliefs generate fears;

failing, rejection, looking foolish which will often stops us in our tracks.

We create our own glass ceiling.  Trapped in the foundations between what we learned as a child and our own limiting dis-empowering beliefs (restricted space of limitations)

YOU  have the power to change your beliefs.

Self-criticism, guilt, shame, shoulda, coulda, woulda, and all this stuff comes up in our minds as a huge obstacle.  It’s purpose is to sabotage you from getting the learning you need to achieve maximum growth and development. The attitude  of appreciation and learning being absolutely honest with yourself is movement.

One of the antidotes to the negative voice is to ask better questions.

Did you ever stop to ask yourself – in one of those doubting moments – “what is the worst thing that could happen – if this was true?” What would I do if that worst thing came to pass? Do you spend time thinking about the worst thing, imagining it, playing over worst case scenarios in your head? How do you feel when you do that? Out of control? Terrified? Anxious? This is all  associated as mind games.

The truth is – and realize this dis-empowering beliefs and fears can and will be diminished. It might take some time to sort out what those dis-empowering beliefs and behaviors are, and break out.

Where now?

  • You can enjoy more love of life, and a renewed sense of excitement as you start creating the outcomes of your inner most dreams.
  • Unlock the secrets of your unlimited  potential through an in-depth understanding of who you are and how you can become what who you want to be.
  • Whatever your particular circumstances… whatever your current situation or stage in life… the great news is you absolutely can be truly happier.and you absolutely live a life that is considerably more fulfilled.

My priority is to help your release dis-empowering beliefs that sabotage stopping you from moving forward.

Webinar Training soon to be released.