Interesting, since I’ve been focusing on the soul, how much it’s been on my mind and how often if pops up, either elsewhere or in my own consciousness. I’m fascinated by how that happens. How what we put our focus on continually shows up – we ask, the universe responds. It’s simple and straightforward.

Or is it? When talking about the law of attraction, for example, clients often tell me their biggest challenge is focusing on what they want. First, you have to know what you want. And, simple as that may seem, it’s often difficult to know. It takes time and attention to know what you want, what is yours to do, what moves you and feeds you.

Then, when you know, really know, deep in your soul what you long for – what do you focus on? The ‘thing’? The thing you know you want to be or do? Sometimes. Sometimes we focus on the obstacles and that can be where the difficulty resides.

Say you’re in one place and you long to get to another – either financially, or spiritually or in any significant area of your life – health, relationship – whatever is calling to you now. First you get clear about what you want. Then you focus on that. Or do you? Do you focus on lack and limitation or do you focus on your greater good?

Do you find it difficult to focus on your greater good when you’re not where you want to be? Do you see the conundrum? Do you see the pull between ego – where we are (or perceive we are) right now and the focus on what’s not working and the soul which longs for our greater good. The ego is powerful and it pulls – hard – on us to stay mired in and focused on the difficulty.

The longing can get confused. Why do we focus on what we don’t want? It doesn’t make logical sense does it? And yet, we’re logical beings. We think. Ah. That, the thinking….

Part of being a logical and thinking – some say rational (!) being is making choices. It’s about understanding what’s available to us on our ‘life menu’ and choosing what we focus on. It’s absolutely a certainty – a law some say – that what you focus on is what you will realize. It’s what will show up in your life, regularly and consistently. On purpose even if it doesn’t feel that way.

Is the goal then to feed the soul and starve the ego? Not exactly, but sort of. The first order of business is to know which is which and observe the competition for our time and attention. All this in our own head, mind you! Then, to be aware of what we’re thinking and what pulls us. What are the voices in our head saying and do we like what we hear?

Next week I’ll talk about what you can do to make the voices say more of what you want and less of what you don’t. Stay tuned.