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What does a Soul Coach Do?

Brings the Essence of Your Soul Who You Are Truly to Life

Aligns your Creativity, Expression, Individuality and Personal Growth

Cleanse and heals fears, blockages, limiting beliefs and negative karmic energy

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What Inner Truth Are You Meant to Share With the World?

12 – 90 Minute Sessions via Zoom – Purpose Mission Called And Intuition Led – including Energy Healing – Greater Success, Peace, Freedom, Confidence, Joy, And Love – A Soul Journey -Every part of you contributes to your magnificence. Leave no part behind, but rather, embrace and heal into wholeness. through the knowledge of your Sacred Wounds and the story of your soul.  You  will acquiarehave the tools and strategies with which to go out into the world with greater effectiveness, self-love,  clarity about your Soul Purpose, self-respect, self-honor, and confidence about your Soul Signature contribution that you bring to others

Full Package – $1,750

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8 – 90 Minute Sessions via Zoom – Soul Connection – Soul Clearing – Soul Whispers- clear negative dis-empowering beliefs and fears  a course designed to help you find your purpose, deepen your relationship with your Trusted Source . Energy chakra balancing, and mentoring with which to build a foundation of self awareness. Coaching and healing sessions will be focused upon your most compelling issues and objectives to move those areas to the next level of comfort, success, and fulfillment,  An informal look at where you are now without shame, so you can have live life with greater peace.

Full Package – $950.00

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A Journey of the Soul

Can a deeper connection to your Soul Purpose

Transcend the illusion of separation, and forge a beautiful connection

Your soul messages finds its voice

 Soul  Whispers –  seeking harmony, wholeness and creative expression

Your soul purpose is a precise and detailed map for living a deeply fulfilling, powerful and passionate life

Leverage and manifest your dreams, by embodying desires that speak to your soul’s true calling

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“If we today raise our consciousness  of our soul whispers to the point from the soul, the thread of which bodily life is only a minute part – a temporary expression of who we are, we shall then see there is a splendid simplicity at the back of all its complexity which are illusion produced by our unknowing limitations”

The Hidden Side of Things

What My Clients Have to Say

soul coach certifiedReeny is a divinely inspired soul coach. She listens very carefully to your needs. She has a wealth wisdom and learnings over her lifetime of committed personal and spiritual growth.

You will feel safe and secure discussing your problems with Reeny. She has helped me with the process of finding my soul purpose. She has been instrumental in transforming my parts (critic, inner child etc) and freeing me of negative beliefs.

I trust Reeny and that is essential in allowing the process to take place.

I highly recommend Reeny if you want to transform your life in unimaginable ways.

Anne Hayes

Reeny is a true master at helping you get over, under, around and through the obstacles in your life that keep you from expressing all that you were created to be, and that keep you from receiving all that you deserve.

Though Reeny is my True Soul Purpose Coach, she is trained and skill in many modalities including energy healing and voice dialogue moving you effortlessly between them according to what I needed at any given time.

Reeny is also highly intuitive and is able to discern what is not said aloud or even consciously known by her client.

I made more progress in my personal and business life with Reeny as my coach than with all the other courses, classes and coaches that I have had in the past. If you are ready to expand in all directions and access and overcome those frustrating, recurring life blocks, I highly recommend Reeny. She is simply amazing!

Nita McKeethen, The Idea Genie

 Reeny recognized that many women can become discouraged as they try to start their own holistic business.

She understood where I was at, confused and in overwhelm. I was becoming discouraged and a bit exhausted.

Understanding what to do and being good at particular things didn’t mean I knew how to take it out into the world.

Reeny is a soul coach = heart centered and holistic.

My breakthrough with Reeny was when I realized that my relationship to myself was egoic– what I was wanting to do, who I was and what I am able to do.  Reeny help me to change my perception to being of service and connecting to my soul purpose and soul blueprint.

Working with Reeny brought me confidence, clarity and some very helpful personal revelations during guided meditations and processes. Reeny totally supported me as a mentor and soul coach, guiding me towards self-development and business alignment to my soul purpose.

Reeny gave me an ear to bend when I wanted to talk about myself.  What was really exciting was getting a clear set of soul purpose and my mission to help me stay on track.

If you’ve been trying hard to get your business and life congruent with your Soul Purpose, and are feeling like giving up or losing confidence, then working with Reeny can help you shift your relationship, heal your wounds and bring your soul purpose so life feels fresh and exciting again.

Fliss Wheeler, Translating energy into experience.

Your Soul KnowsReeny asked me the right questions to help me get clear about what I do and what I offer in my business.

She supported me and pushed me to extend what I would not have normally expected out of myself. She gave me structure, form and design that has assisted me in taking my business to another level.

I love her intuitive nature knowing when to push and hold you accountable and when to work through the emotional blocks that held me back and now just taking that step forward with an increase in business and change in structure. Forever grateful!

Krista Jane Smith, Intuitive

When I met Reeny I was feeling lose and overwhelmed with life and my business.   I sought Reeny as a Soul Coach to understand more fully who I am and Live my Life Fully.   Seeking to understand how my soul purpose fave me answers to what I thought was an overwhelming task.

It has been such a breakthrough to have Reeny work with me to realise I needed to slow down and get the basics right. I have achieved a calmer, confident and positive attitude to life and directing my business.  I have gained more clarity on what I would like long term in my life and business.

Reeny has given her time, knowledge, wisdom and love working with me over 18 months. Her patience astounds me when I look back. She has stayed with me when I’ve been stuck until we found an answerd>  When I needed a push she pushed.

The most difficult thing she has asked me to do is to develop a greater understanding of what I bring to my clients and the world through the various processes, steps and exercises she has developed. Working with my soul purpose and manifestation planning imprint guides me effortlessly.

I am honoured to have her as my guide and understanding how my soul purpose.  My soul purpose aligns with my life and my business.  What’s important to Reeny is why we do what we do and it has taken a long time for me to find that out. Now I know it is because it norishes my love for life.

I give Reeny my highest praise for her inspiration, wisdom and intuitivie nature.

Not just for her wide ranging knowledge but also her compassion to see me successful.

Sharon Mullens, TRE and Tapping Coach

Reeny was recommended to me through a friend at a time when I was lacking clarity around several issues I was facing in my life. I could see that Reeny had assisted this friend immensely and I was curious to know whether Reeny could help me too.

Within weeks, Reeny completely set me on a new path of understanding with a new sense of purpose in my life. Having been in a corporate career for more than 20 years I found myself completely depleted of passion and energy. To my amazement I was able to completely change my career path through the coaching and facilitation by Reeny. Her intuitive gifts have enabled me to move forward on to new pathway. She knows how to get to the essence of what is required. Knowing when to push and when to pull back all with the intention of keeping me on track.

The array of the tools and modalaities Reeny uses enabled me to connection to the essence of who I am.  What  I do in my work, in my life and ultimately my happiness. I now have more energy and excitement about going to work and I am ten times more productive than I can ever remember.

I am ever so grateful to Reeny for seeing me through and I thoroughly recommend her as a soul purpose coach/mentor to anyone wanting to go that extra mile and at the same time keeping that connection to purpose and intention as the platform for growth.

Thank you Reeny for all that you do!!!

Violet Jammal, Business and Life Coach

A Soul Coach to Meet your Highest Purpose

Deeply understand your soul purpose and how to honour it in your daily life through choices and actions to bring you closer to the most authentic expression of your Higher Self –

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