This program is about letting go and opening up to uncertainty.  We each have a desire to know our soul’s calling (purpose) without emphasis on a religious belief.  I encourage you to bring your beliefs with you as they will help you greatly in this endeavor.  All that is required is to come along on this journey and be willing to suspend some of your disbeliefs for the sake of exploration. You must accept your soul’s calling is already influencing your life.  There are some parts of you that already know this.  It is possible to communicate with your shadow and getting answers from divine guidance.  Each week you will become clearer and closer without judgement to your life’s soul’s calling.

Phase 1: Initial consultation to learn more about you, your desires, goals and aspirations.  To determine if soul coaching is appropriate for you and will it work for you.   This initial consultation is separate cost of $150.  If you proceed with the commitment of a minimum six months, the $150 will be deducted.

Phase 2: Awareness: Connecting with your Higher Self – An informal look at where you are now without shame, so you can have peace.  This involves us working together to get permission and connect with the voice of your higher guidance.   Learn about the inner landscape of your soul’s calling and its purpose and how it differs from the spirit. 

Phase 3:  Initiate: Discover which specific techniques are most effective for receiving and boosting divine support. This is where you will engage and connect – indirect and direct access.  Learn about your ego and soul values and how they impact you.

Phase 4: Assimilation:    Working with your shadow, held deep within your sub-conscious,  we work together to identify  become aware of any recurrent sensations you may feel.   Identifying these patterns will help highlight the sub-conscious barriers to accessing your soul’s calling manifesting its worth.  When it comes down to getting what we want, we have to not only confront your inner darkness but embrace it.

Phase 5:  Emptying:  Working with clearing and emptying the mind of beliefs driven by egoic patterns.  You will learn how to physically detox the body and mind.  The stickiness of inner conflicts and further understanding the inner and outer committees.

Phase 6: Purifying: We will work with the emotional, body and mind selves.  Meaning we begin to cleanse energetic ties not serving your soul’s calling and work with the different aspects of self.  Here you will begin to bring in more positive aspects embracing your creative soul and spirit.

Phase 7: Permission: As you strike down the voice of the Ego more and more, you begin to gain more confidence and develop a deeper belief in yourself.      During this phase, we will drive deeper into your past life patterns, voice dialogue to discern the shadow parts of you to enhance your experience and to transform these challenges. 

Phase 8: Responsibility Understand who you are at a soul level, to bring your soul’s calling, essence, blessing, mission, gifts, and talents to the world. We will concurrently work at building the trust and confidence moving beyond beliefs.  We will continue to work around any problems, concerns and challenges that show up setting up healthy boundaries

Phase 9: Integration:    We will review all the information you have gathered, your direction of your soul’s calling and messaging. Based on what we have discovered, you are going to begin to take the next steps toward your Soul’s Mission. Learn about the many pitfalls and opportunities that lie ahead on your soul journey.

Phase 10:  Pause:  Shifting from ego-bound consciousness to a partnership between ego and your soul’s calling. This requires consistent time and effort over the long term. If you desire to live a purposeful life, consciously choose, and commit to integrating pause practices on a regular basis with permission from your trusted source and ego.

Phase 11:  Resistance:  When you encounter resistance (and we know the Ego LOVES to create resistance), you will have someone who can guide you, not only through it, but also help you to learn from it, so your Ego will not be able to use those stall tactics on you again.  You have spent some week preparing and now have set the stage for your soul’s calling.

Phase 12:  Discernment: Review and practicing the voice of your higher self and become ready to practice and take risks.  Knowing oneself as being imperfect, and open and ready to follow the guidance you have learned.  To grow this way you show commitment to recognizing your aspects of spirits and its movement.

Phase 12:  Anchoring: Bring the clarity and presence of you and your soul’s calling and mission into a manifestation plan.   Manifestation mindfulness meditations connecting with powerful universal sources and integration to a powerful plan into practice.

Sometimes the most difficult part of life is taking those action steps. I will be right along your side as you begin to put your plan into action

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