Your“Soul’s Essence” is the most fundamental aspect of your highest purpose. It is the “being” dimension of you, your purpose, without doing or having.

There are many people in the world afraid to become vulnerable enough to seek truest potential soul’s essence.  Often, we see others seeking to model a process someone else has developed with little result.  Do you ever ask why? Differently in a way bringing the changes we want.

How can we live life differently?

Everyone has a defined highest purpose path.  When we see others’ success and seek to emulate their path have you ever noticed it works for them and not you.  You struggle with obstacles and hindrance, not really understanding why.  It may just be it is their highest purpose path not yours.

Here are some questions to answers that will help you?

  • Why are you here?
  •  What is the difference you are to make for yourself, for others, the community, the world?
  •   If you could tell people just one thing about how important your service/product is, what would that be?
  • What is a dream that you seek for you?
  • What incident has changed/shaped your life to make you who you are now?
  • Who is it that you want to be?

This is about the cause not the effect. 

  • How can we look within?
  • Who are the teachers, and can you choose between them?
  • How could this change your life?

Who is the teacher? 

Where there is no meaning…. what is there?

The ego or your soul’s essence.  The thought system of fear attack or death.   (EGO)  How can you get back to who we are really?  The mind is a state of our inward conditioning.  The work you live in is a projection (picture) of what is.  Perception is a result not a cause.

We each have different roles to play.  You have them personally, recreational, work, family, friends etc.  And we are a product of what you see around us teaching we are the effect – victim beyond our control.   The world gives us direction.  Really understand this – how can you look and see the world differently?

Who you really are

You are your soul’s essence, even when you are doing nothing. This aspect of your purpose is almost always unconscious; that is, it is not apparent to you.   It is about who you really are, why you are here. And asking for and receiving help is tricky thing for us as we live life in this time.

You are the only person who knows what is right for you.  The focus is now for you.  As well, there will be challenges to face in achieving your highest potential and overcoming obstacles standing in your way.  The only way to perceive what is going on is to learn how to perceive this correctly.  Become an objective observer of your life.  In other words, becoming self-aware

Your soul’s essence is living your highest purpose in alignment and partnership with your divine source.  Manifesting your highest purpose creates the best possible outcomes for yourself and the best possible outcomes for the world.