A Soul’s Journey

soul journey

(Higher guidance – inner wisdom refers divine guidance as higher self, super consciousness, separation,

soul, supra consciousness, spirit, etc.).

A soul’s  journey is not symbolic or a concept.

It is a real journey beyond your physical senses of knowledge and learning.

Undertaking such work is not a matter of how much knowledge you have.

It is a journey of learning and expansion.  It is never-ending and will continue to the end of time.

At times, when you hear the whispers of your soul,  you will receive the opposite of what you want.

Remember every challenge represents an opportunity for you to open a new door to learn and grow.

Most of us would like to live a loving, quiet, peaceful and abundant life and to assist others as wel.  However, our lives are filled with challenges.  As you will begin to develop  yourself spiritually through a soul’s journey, you will that your test and challenges are the greatest gifts you have been given.

Our greatest growth are from the lessons we come from and the tests, trials and mistakes we make.

These challenges are here to stretch you and motivate you to discover your creative ways to solve your problems.    Giving you the answers alone keeps you dependent.  The best way is to teach you, coach you, and offer intuitive energy healing and guidance and allow you to choose whether to take action or not.

A butterfly is a perfect example:  When it comes out of its larvae it struggles (just as we are born).  This struggles helps the butterfuly to pump blood into its wings where it will extend and strengthen.

If you, desire to pull the butterfly out of its cacoon, the wings will never fully develop.  Sometimes, when we are bigin to helpful is can actually hurt.

A soul’s journey  is about not teaching you but giving you the tools to continue your soul’s journey over this lifetime.

When you take the step to encounter this journey, you will smile, relax, breathe and enjoy yourself as you proceed through the rich landscape of the lessona, challenges, traumas, fears over your lifetime.

The future is not a gift, it is an achievement.

Every generation helps make its own future.
This is the essential challenge of the present”
— Robert F Kennedy

Any experience such as Soul purpose coaching  can be challenging BUT most rewarding.

On this journey of self-discovery you will be able to put judgement aside and tune into your sacred highest self.

Now is the time to move out of the darkness with self-examination to the joy-filled life  you are here to live.