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When you work with Passion and Possibilities, Reeny becomes your intuitive business coach tasked with guiding similarly sensitive, spirit-led women to fulfilling their higher purpose. Your path is a special and unique one, filled with special and unique opportunities.

That is why it is important to work with someone who understands this. Passion and Possibilities treats every client as unique and special, and because of this every program and every session you attend will be tailored to your success.

Her  range of programs have been created for sensitive, spirit-led women to discover their soul’s unique purpose, and learn how to align this with their life and business.

Sometimes we get into the habit of going through life on autopilot. Reeny’s program on Break the Cycle will help you break this pattern, shifting your beliefs as well as resistances that are keeping you from achieving the success available to you.

You can bring more truth and passion to your work and life, and lean in to this request. You can use your gifts, help the world and have an exciting life. Yes, it will take some stretching, some courage. It won’t just be business as usual 

You may feel you are at the start of creating something big, but just need a push to help get started. Passion and Possibilities Awakening the Heart programs will help you make the leap. She offer classes in heart centered meditation, open the heart transmissions and healing to help you do just that.

Your True Purpose Journey program is designed to help you realize your essence, blessing of what you are meant to do, mission, and the message of your true purpose. Then how to use the many strengths, values and gifts to help make your mission a reality. This program is to help you realize your purpose and the skills you have to achieve it with greater ease and higher congruence.

Her Elevating the Spirit of Your Business program is designed to give the tools your need for successful Spiritual Business Management. This is the foundation in creating a business that will enable you to make a difference in the world.

As a spiritually-focused, intuitive business coach, Reeny offers programs in Connecting Heart and Business. These practical and focused on helping your learn the skills you need to successfully organically grow a holistic and eloquent business.

Reeny is dedicated to helping sensitive spirit-led women who feel they have a greater purpose discover and achieve this purpose. She has the experience and intuition to help you develop your ideas to be successful and rewarding ones. 

If you are seeking to more – Reeny is the perfect Heart of Business Coach, she takes a holistic approach to helping you define and create your soul blueprint for you and your business.   

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