Being SpiritualWhat does self awareness bring.  Does it open our spiritual side of oneness?  Does it bring with it confusion?  Will it open another path?  Will fear come into it?

Recognition of others, without it brings loneliness and illness. Sometimes close to even suicide.

Let me explain. During my life journey I received a major signpost or ‘wake-up call.  Totally ignoring my health,  I became seriously ill in my early 30’s.  Now everyone would look at cause and effect. What did I causes brought this on.  From my own research there is no cause and effect.   I had to learn new ways of thinking and being.  It was essential for me to be present to my experience of my self, my health and how I was going to cope with my diagnosis.

Illness has a way of snapping everything into focus. What’s important, what isn’t, what you care about.  What comes crystal clear is a new way of being.

What was most profound was there was no one to blame except myself.


I felt a disappearance of useless projections about the future and worries about the past. In that process my intangible self emerged.  What I mean is, my spiritual awakening happened.

My self-awareness was magnified and I learned to cherish myself.  My feelings, my thoughts as well as my values and perceptions were changed.

I found myself feeling more gentle toward others, more respectful of their qualities and our differences. The gaps between us seemed softer and the need for judgement fell away.

I’ve noticed that most great spiritual teachers possess a certain quality of relaxed concentration.  They neither respond out of anger or fear, nor seem to cling to opinions.   There is no or judgments of other people as it does not serve. They are clear in their purpose and they are practiced at acting from their best intentions.

Why move to another way

Truly spiritual people are free.  They allow their vital energy to move them gracefully and effortlessly through traditions, habits, techniques, and emotions.

Reaching a higher state of awareness, one realizes that our ‘consciousness is the base and form of all things’.

When we expand our awareness of our own true nature, we increase our knowledge.  An awareness of everything and everyone else around us. There is true freedom is this expression of the human experience.

When you feel in sync with your spiritual self, your focus shifts, your burdens lighten.. You can live fully in the moment, appreciating your life and all that surrounds you.