Stand outAre you willing to take a stand for what you believe in? Are you willing to stand out and be different? That comes naturally for some people and not for others. However, it’s something you can cultivate, learn to be good at and ultimately, Stand Out By Being YOU!

We talk sometimes about your stand. Your stand is what you believe in, what is deepest in your heart, so deep it’s an innate part of you, indistinct from your very self. It’s what you profoundly and passionately want for yourself, for others, for your potential clients, for the planet at large.  It’s the mission you are on, your very defining purpose – your reason for being.

I realize this may sound large or lofty, but trust me, when you approach your business from this place of passion, of purpose and of power, it can be truly magnetic for your business. This thinking will cause opportunities to arise. It sets the wheels of the universe in motion, moving that which is yours to do on the path to you and you to it! It’s a wondrous experience and it’s exciting, uplifting and incredibly powerful.

You take a stand for your place in the world, for what is yours to do and owning your own genius, your unique fingerprint. No one does what you do quite the way you do it. No one. There is a place for you and a need for you. Yes. Read that again. It’s so true. When you take a stand for yourself, it may seem like a big step at first, it may even feel bold and out of your comfort zone, but you’ll find is you take a stand, your comfort zone stretches and everything in the universe stretches right along with it.

It’s funny, but it can seem scary at first to take a stand for who you are – especially if you’re not used to speaking up, speaking out, being in that role. Then, an interesting thing happens when you realize that you experience a freedom. That being you is what you’re here to do. Being given permission to do it and then testing the waters and finding you feel more and more like yourself as you step into ‘your stand’ is a powerful experience. I encourage you – take your stand, step into your power. Be you. You’re glorious, I know that.