insights worry change soul coach soul purpose life coaching soul purpose life purpose life coaching purpose life soul purpose life coach inner wisdom guidance spiritual healingWe live in the flowing stream of creativity – able to control our thoughts, our feelings and our reactions to the world and people around us. If you make a conscious practice of talking to yourself (you don’t have to do it out loud, but you’re welcome to if it feels good!) and consciously changing what you focus on, you can change the outcome of your life and get better results.

In a recent post I talked about not worrying, about counting your blessings instead of your concerns. Today I want to share a few simple ideas of how you can do that effectively. It begins with being conscious of what you’re thinking. Our mind is constantly at work, mulling things over, replaying things that occurred, dwelling on past events and focusing on the future.

If we decide – and this really has to be a decision you make and then work on sticking to – to be vigilant about your thoughts and pay attention to them, you can replace ‘old tapes and ideas’ with new ones that serve you better and actually change your life, your world, your relationships and your future. How? By eliminating negative thinking – by dwelling on positive outcomes instead of worrying ourselves into negative ones.

You may be thinking yeah right, that sounds easy, but how do you do it? Well, first, let me say, it’s simple but it isn’t easy. Why? Because we have a lifetime habit of thought patterns. We have literally carved neural pathways that our brain travels, almost like driving on autopilot. It takes real determination to consciously monitor your thinking. However by doing so, you can change patterns, experience new thoughts and as a result a new way of living.

Here’s a way I’ve found to be very simple. When you have a negative thought, become aware of it. Stop. Think about it. Say you’re putting yourself down or running an “Oh, I’m not good enough, smart enough, young enough, old enough message. Imagine now talking to someone you love – a child, a partner, a dear friend. What would you tell them in that moment? That’s exactly what I want you to tell yourself. Lovingly, kindly and with purpose and intention. How does that feel? Does your thinking and feeling shift and change?

If you can get in the habit of doing that for yourself, with yourself, you can change the quality of your thoughts and your life. One thought at a time. Then, by stringing those thoughts together and making a practice of this, you can moment by moment, improve your life and change your world!

Doing something you’ve never done before and finding you can do it – even adequately, builds confidence. Being willing to get out of your comfort zone builds confidence. Being vulnerable builds confidence. With confidence comes an inner strength and knowing that breeds success.

Show up in your power, show up standing for the change you want to be.