I’m just stuck in a rut!  Just can’t get out of this rabbit hole!Rabbit Hole

As far as we’ve come, we have unique challenges to face.

Even when you have access to a plethora of information and training out there,  you are still asking…

Why’ isn’t it working and ‘Why’ is it so hard’!

Outside of being great mult-taskers, a spouse, mother, partner, and friend so many of  women live in a lack mentality, seeking more fulfillment particularly in finances.

This mentality keeps YOU from realizing your full potential.

It keeps us from really showing up and sharing our gifts, talents and passions with the world .

How can you, when the voice in your head is telling  you that you can’t, you should, shouldn’t, isn’t good enough, isn’t ready yet, isn’t fully realized?

These beliefs keep you from getting the results we want.

What is the rabbit hole?

If we thiinks of lack we get lack  This in itself holds you back.

Worse, leads to depression; it increases stress and can lead to disease. You suffer and those around you suffer. Even the people who don’t get to reach you with your gifts suffer, because they don’t get to help from your talents, your heart and your gifts.

♥What do you really believe about yourself?

♥About your talents, gifts and abilities?

♥About what you want and deserve out of life?

♥What really moves you?

♥What could your life look like if you were willing to live full-out?

Our beliefs are unconscious!   When they get out of control most of the time keep us stuck.  We just don’t know where they come from.  But we do know when they show up!

What if you could remove into what is holding you back, reduce the resistance so you can do what you’re here to carry out.  What you are here to do purposely. It’s there inside you.  It’s waiting to be ignited.

How can I get out of this rabbit hole?

When you start working with your beliefs and attitudes is the first step

How can  you start of get past go and start to remove some of these far fetching questions that you often tell yourselves?

I can’t….   I don’t know how…   ‘That’ is in my way… I don’t believe I’ll ever.   The situation in the world is just....

If you believe any of this you will never get what you want.

There is a way that I have learned for myself AND it will start removing the resistances and those ever so nagging beliefs, voice etc that keep nagging you and that don’t serve you.

Without knocking off these gremlins,  and I know this for myself, you won’t, you can’t, move!.

You literally can’t perceive what’s possible .

Your emotional energy is dragging you away from and not towards what you are most seeking.

What is it all about?

Science now tells us what sages have told us for millennium.  The universe is made up entirely of one thing – energy!  That we are all connected.  In the wake of this discover, extraordinary work to bring spirituality and psychology together with ancient wisdom.  This now allows  in a way the potential transform our beliefs.

You only see that which you want to see!  A great mantra that I use often.

One way is through move through being stuck and getting out of the rabbit hold is to use a technique called Meridian Tapping Techniques such as EFT (Emotional Freedom Techniques).    I know works as I use this for myself.

You owe it to yourself to have the life you deserve.  Give it try.