~ may you fly free in your heart with confidence and joy ~

Believe in yourself and Fly Free

Believing in ourselves and having confidence reaps more rewards than we can possibly imagine.  How much effort and energy do you put into building your own self-esteem, confidence and abilities? Think of someone you know who exudes self-confidence and belief.  Not someone who is arrogant or has attitude about their abilities, but someone who seems genuinely happy and self-assured.

What’s their success level?  Very likely they’ve achieved some great success in their lives over time.

It’s easy to think that success came because they were self-confident and to a certain extent it does.  But, in truth, self-confidence breeds success. Expectation of success breeds success.  Self-confidence and belief in your abilities, your gifts, talents and going boldly forward to do that which is yours to do in the world, begets more success.

Different people have different sources of inspiration for their confidence and success. It really doesn’t matter so much where it comes from, what matters is that you cultivate it.  You begin by being kind to yourself.  Do you say things to yourself – out loud – or silently in your mind that you wouldn’t say to someone else?  If so, STOP! Break the habit.  Be as kind to yourself as you would to your family or your best friends.

Next, become a student of personal development and success literature.  Read something – even a little bit, every single day.  You can choose how much to read – but not how often.  You must do this every day. You’ll be surprised by what 5 minutes reading each morning and then again at night can do for you.  You can reprogram your entire day and then set yourself up for a peaceful night and a positive awakening by programming your mind with the information that builds your belief, your confidence and your attitude.

It’s remarkable what a consistent effort can do to affect your ability to believe in yourself and to show up with a great attitude and achieve greater success in everything you do.  I’m not talking about fake, pretend, phony smiling and acting happy.  I’m talking about genuine inner contentment that comes from feeling good about yourself and the world around you.  This confidence and contentment can be consciously cultivated and developed and can positively impact every aspect of your life.

Take the time to take a personal inventory and evaluate your strengths.  We spend plenty of time thinking about our weaknesses.  Can you comfortably write down your ten best traits?  Ask two or three people you trust to tell you what they think your best qualities are.  Really hear them and take it in and think about how you can further develop those qualities and focus on them in your daily life.

When you can become your own best friend, the biggest champion of your own cause, you start to believe in yourself and your abilities and you begin to cultivate the mindset that begets your success.  Commit to reprogramming your mind with positive information for 90 days – you’ll be amazed at how different your mind works.  You’ll have new positive ideas and thoughts that you can use to replace your inner critic.  You’ll start to believe in yourself in a new way and you’ll see the results of this in every aspect of your life.  You have nothing to lose by trying this – just 10 minutes a day – and so much to gain.  How about taking the challenge and reprogramming your mind for success?  Sound simple? It is – Just Do It!

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