Systems Make  You MoneyThere’s a phrase another coach uses that really makes sense: Broke people find something that works and do it once, rich people find something that works and they do it over and over again! How true. Hard to hear sometimes, but oh so true.

Without systems, we’re doomed to repeat the same things over and over again. We’ve all done it. We don’t want to take the time during the process to slow down and look at all the ‘moving parts’ so we can recreate them. We’re busy, we’re in a hurry, that level of detail gives us a headache, we get so caught up in the detail we never do anything else. Whatever YOUR reason might be, the truth remains – systems free up your mental energy, make you more efficient AND they help you attract the ideal clients to your business.

Let’s talk about that for a moment. When you streamline your efforts you get to work IN your business rather than ON your business. Sure, you have to take the time up front to work ON it so that you can work IN it, but then the work feels so much easier. You don’t spend the mental energy worrying about how and if and when, because you have that piece figured out.

No matter how creative your business (or your brain!) we all have repetitive processes that this applies to. The thing I love is that when you take the time to put the systems in place, they start to work for you so that you experience a flow and an ease that naturally spills over into everything you do. You feel good, you feel on top of everything that needs doing and it gives you peace of mind.

That peace of mind becomes how you feel more and more often and that helps to attract more and more of the right people to you. As mundane as putting systems in place might seem, the focus they allow you to bring to your work once they’re created is really remarkable. It’s a complete game changer in every way. I know, it seems too simple. Still, I encounter clients every day who, because they don’t have systems, feel disorganized and spend a lot of time repeating effort, feeling scattered and in effect, wearing themselves out.

When that happens you start to doubt your business. Don’t let the mundane keep you from the greatness you are here to contribute. This months’ theme is GET HELP when you need. Have a good outside eye – hired or not – help you get what you need in place if you can’t bring yourself to face it on your own. It will change everything. Sometimes the simplest things are too obvious to get our attention. This one is worth your time. Systems equal freedom. Isn’t that one of the reasons to be in business for yourself?