uncertaintyDo you every question the way you do things? 

Uncertainty- I argue my points of view for something that is unknown to others, challenging the current paradigm.  Today I was told I was too complacent sitting back playing it safe to a fault.

I  know it is bad to do it this way; and yet believe it must be this way; and so continue to argue my position to change the standard.

No one wants to listen; so I step back, watch and play the waiting game.

We often argue for our own limitations – what we resist will always persist- we always will be resisting the change and the challenge to change what is the norm. And it is in my own belief of this change that makes me uncomfortable.

This ease of uncertainty often arises when we are challenged; challenged to do things different from where we are being guided– to transform the current structures.  Most of us are comfortable with well laid out plans, yet it is our role in these trans-formative times to reduce this level of certainty in order to do our work.

Why are we challenging what is being force upon us? 

The new paradigm is going to be uncertain for sure particularly if we start to blow up the  current patterns of business.   Our shadow behavior that keeps us safe is  trying to create certainty. This is just another way we avoid uncertainty and trying to get rid of certainty.

We will tell ourselves it can’t to be like that.  There is no proof.  It doesn’t have to change as it has always worked this way.  We can’t have this way or we  must push and tear down what is and end up trying to blow up something destroying it rather than living in it knowing that it has to change. Trying to create chaos and destroying it is the same as a  reflective lashing out at uncertainty.

Are you trying to destroy something that cannot be  to get certainty?

In your own life, we may see places where our ease of uncertainty is well-defined.  This is okay when we are switching professions but not relationship partners.

What areas of your life do you need certainty and are comfortable with uncertainty.

When I attribute uncertainty to my life and business it often comes from what I have been certain about.

For me it has been my clarity of purpose; knowing my own essence,  my own person thus giving me the power to create more certainty when I go outside world.

When I work with  people who understand what I do, and  transformation I offer  I  create great certainty.

Do you have certainty on what you are meant to be doing? 

Having real clarity of purpose can bring certainty and great ease with uncertainty.  You know what you are meant to do and because of this can easily cope with the idea of uncertainty.

  • Having a daily spiritual practice allows me to stay focus to do the right thing;  taking care of myself, meditation; taking time to quiet my mind.  When I go off my practice I really loose myself.
  • Having a connection with our higher guidance  is when we can learn the inner wisdom of our challenges.  The  inner wisdom of the larger intelligence to our soul’s desire.
  • Understanding our values and needs; being absolute on what clearly serves us.
  • Ridding limiting beliefs that no longer serve.  Are you will to accept this or something better. Trading in limiting beliefs to beliefs that do serve
  • Being in a a good vibration space eases uncertainty.
  • Communication with our higher guidance can help to  develop faith that says  things will turn all alright. We don’t have to have the whole grand plan laid out just only  the next step.  We do not need the right answer we just need to know today’s answer.
  • Build uncommitted time into your life so you can deal with the unexpected.

What keeps you from having ease from uncertainty?

“Notes of the Universe”

Have you know that lack of clarity
Honor uncertainty it is the wound where all unknowing comes.

Realize there is no such thing as certainty – just our perspective of it.