Reeny is a divinely inspired coach. She listens very carefully to your needs. She has a wealth of information over her lifetime of committed personal growth.

You will feel safe and secure discussing your problems with Reeny. She has helped me with the process of finding my higher purpose. She has been instrumental in transforming my parts (critic, inner child etc) and freeing me of negative beliefs.

I trust Reeny and that is essential in allowing the process to take place.

I highly recommend Reeny if you want to transform your life in unimaginable ways.

Reeny is a true master at helping you get over, under, around and through the obstacles in your life that keep you from expressing all that you were created to be, and that keep you from receiving all that you deserve.

Though Reeny is my True Purpose Coach, she is trained and skill in many modalities and moves effortlessly between them according to what I need at any given time.

Reeny is also highly intuitive and is able to discern what is not said aloud or even consciously known by her client.

I made more progress in my personal and business life with Reeny as my coach than with all the other courses, classes and coaches that I have had in the past. If you are ready to expand in all directions and access and overcome those frustrating, recurring life blocks, I highly recommend Reeny. She is simply amazing!

Nita McKeethen, The Idea Genie

I wanted to get my business going for about 18 months and was becoming discourage and a bit exhausted. I realized that knowing what to do and being good at particular things didn’t mean that I knew how to promote or run a business. I wanted a coach that was heart centered as my business was holistic.

I loved the Reeny recognized that many women can become discouraged as they try to start their own holistic business, so I knew she would understood where I was at.

My breakthrough with Reeny was when I realized that my relationship to my business was all about me — what I was wanting to do, who i was and what I am able to do and changed my perception to being of service and connecting to my target audience.

Working with Reeny brought me confidence, clarity and some very helpful personal revelations during guided meditations and processes. Reeny totally supported me as a mentor, guiding me in marketing and product development, an ear to bend when I wanted to talk about myself and what was really exciting was getting a clear set of purpose statements to help me stay on track.

If you’ve been trying hard to get your business going for a while, and are feeling like giving up or losing confidence, then working with Reeny can help you shift your relationship to your business so that it feels fresh and exciting again.

Fliss Wheeler, Energise my Life

You are an AMAZING & PASSIONATE woman who I admire in many ways. Your ability to connect to source for energy is dynamic.

Your powerful & heart-felt meditation changed my life in many ways and I am SOOOOO BLESSED to have been your buddy through this process as you INSPIRED me to shoot for the stars.

You will change many lives with your powerful energetic meditations and coaczching. I look forward to working with you on many ventures. With persistence and focus you will bring great inspiration to women all around on how to be passionate through possibilities.

Reeny was recommended to me through a friend at a time when I was lacking clarity around several issues I was facing in my life. I could see that Reeny had assisted this friend immensely and I was curious to know whether Reeny could help me too.

Within weeks, Reeny completely set me on a new path of understanding with a new sense of purpose in my life. Having been in a corporate career for more than 20 years I found myself completely depleted of passion and energy. To my amazement I was able to completely change my career path through the coaching and facilitation by Reeny. Her intuitive gifts have enabled me to move forward on to new pathway. She knows how to get to the essence of what is required – knowing when to push and when to pull back all with the intention of keeping me on track.

The array of the tools and techniques Reeny uses enabled me to connection to the essence of what I do in my work, in my life and ultimately my happiness. I now have more energy and excitement about going to work and I am ten times more productive than I can ever remember.

I am ever so grateful to Reeny for seeing me through and I thoroughly recommend her as a coach/mentor to anyone wanting to go that extra mile and at the same time keeping that connection to purpose and intention as the platform for growth.

Thank you Reeny for all that you do!!!

I felt like I was floundering in my business, lacking clear direction (or changing direction too often!). I often thought I was ‘making it up’ as I went, and seeing what happened. I was getting some good results, but with some guidance I knew I could take it to the next level. I then found Reeny’s website and straight away I felt she understood exactly what I needed. I needed a mentor that was ahead of the game, someone who understood my business and who could guide me onto the right track so I had a clear direction, and this is exactly what I got with Reeny.

During the 6 months I was working with Reeny, I was extremely productive. In between sessions Reeny would request detailed and structured homework tasks that would see my business developing before my eyes, and she would keep me accountable. It was like I had found the ‘right track’ and I could put all my energy into moving forward rather than changing focus and being uncertain about the next step. I became increasingly confident with where I was taking the business and developed a very clear foundation for the business that was meaningful and useful.

Reeny’s mentorship has been invaluable. She has supported me to develop my business model, create products, re-brand my business (which has made significant improvements alone!), find my unique position in the market place, provided invaluable tools and resources/connections, Overall, her wealth of knowledge and education that she has provided has really allowed me to drive my business forward with passion.

If you’re working solo in your business and you want better results, or a clearer direction, or simply want guidance along the way, then I would highly recommend working with Reeny. The coaching, mentoring and support is practical, focused and oh so beneficial! Ten out of ten! Thank you Reeny!

Tanielle Thomas, My Singles Coach

Reeny asked me the right questions to help me get clear about what I do and what I offer in my business. She supported me and pushed me to extend what I would not have normally expected out of myself. She gave me structure, form and design that has assisted me in taking my business to another level. I love her intuitive nature knowing when to push and hold you accountable and when to work through the emotional blocks that held me back and now just taking that step forward with an increase in business and change in structure. Forever grateful!

Krista Hoffs, Intuitive

I wanted to work with a coach/mentor for sometime to help me build my business. I asked friends and colleagues if they knew of someone suitable – so I talked with a few but wasn’t satisfied so I googled ‘business coach’ and found Reeny and knew she was the coach for me. I believe like any relationship, work or otherwise we all have to find one that we have synergy with.

Reeny helped me not only to overcome business issues, but helped me overcome my limiting beliefs around my business. Reeny helped me step up in my business and now as I have a clear purpose and know how to position my self in my business – I am attracting new clients easily using the techniques she has taught me and now my business is on its way up!

Before I met Reeny I never thought much about the ‘WHY” and now I do and it has really propelled me forward.

Judit N, Kerekes Consultancy

I loved the idea of creating my own business doing work that I have a passion for. I had a qualification but no idea where to begin and it was important to me to for it to feel right, from the start.

Working with Reeny I’ve been able to ensure my business and marketing truly reflects me, my passions and unique skills, and that I the right clients are attracted to my business. It made all the difference having Reeny’s unconditional support and vision, even in times when I did not back myself.

Her intuitive coaching has ensured we addressed those emotional blocks and fears that came up on my journey – commitment, self belief and keeping work life balance to name a few.

Reeny reflected back to me the patterns I had lived by, showing how I could now stop holding myself back and instead step forward, especially in setting up as a practitioner. Drawing out my skills set and my mission statement was challenging for me, but trusting in the process is what enabled me to benefit fully from this program. I have now experienced the power of setting goals in line with what you truly want. I also understand the how-to of networking and no longer feel a need to avoid it!

If you have a passion to create a business that is both highly successful and aligns with your true self, I recommend working with Reeny. I had zero prior business knowledge, and found this program invaluable in getting started, getting over challenges, and achieving real success.

When I started business coaching with Reeny I felt my business and life was at a stand still. I was particular stuck in one spot for a couple of years and needed to be ‘un stuck” but did not know how or where to go.

Within a couple of sessions I had clarity of what my business was about and now my business has picked up incredibly quickly. Working with Reeny has made a huge impact on my life and business and with the tools and strategies she uses make a great combination to push through blocks that stopped me from building my business.

As an acupuncturist I understood energy vibrations but never used it in the way Reeny uses these to remove the things that sabotaged my success. I have completely changed my outlook and now attracting clients to my business with little effort.

Adriana Arbunic, Adriana Arbunic' - Acupuncturist

When I met Reeny I was just setting up my Business. I needed to be coached and mentored through building a business which I was as an overwhelming task. It has been such a breakthrough to have Reeny work with me to realise that I needed to slow down and get the basics right. I have achieved a calmer and confident attitude to my business and I am now gained clarity on what I would like long term in my business.

Reeny has given me her time, knowledge, wisdom and love over the last 18months. Her patience astounds me when I look back. She has stayed with me when I’ve been stuck until we found an answer and when I needed a push she pushed. The most difficult thing she has asked me to do is to develop a greater understanding of what I bring to my clients and the world through the various processes, steps and exercises she has developed.

I am honoured to have her as my guide in building my business as well as being my friend. What’s important to Reeny is why we do what we do and it has taken a long time for me to find that out. Now I know it is because it norishes my love for life.

I give Reeny my highest recommendation, not just for her wide ranging knowledge but also her compassion to see me successful.

Sharon Mullens, Sharon Mullan | EFT/SET Counsellor and Practitioner

Reeny taught me to listen to my intuition and that I already knew what was the right choice for me. But overtime had learned to put obstacles in front of myself so I lacked clarity or the confidence to make big decisions in my life.

I now have the tools to use to test if I am congruent with my decisions. I set out trying to find balance in my life and by the time I finished with Reeny I felt I had achieved that.

I would strongly recommend Reeny as a life/business coach, the experience has been invaluable in terms of me finding out who I truly am and gaining back the control in my life. I feel that I can sleep better and live the way I want to with confidence.

Reeny is an inspiring coach and mentor who has special abilities to motivate her clients to excell in their own fields of expertise. Reeny is a wonderful person to work with. Reeny is very caring, highly communicative with everyone whom she comes into contact with. I highly recommend Reeny to have as a mentor for your business growth. Reeny has lots of educational knowledge which she very professionally knows how to apply and work with. Reeny knows how to unblock any barriers which may stand in your way and achieving the success you want. She is a must to work with to get the most excellent results! Be coached by Reeny and enjoy your new future!

Anton Vogels, Anton Vogels - Life and Business Coach

It was such a pleasure to work with you over last three months. . I chose to work with Reeny to get a better understanding of what it would take to grow my recently created coaching business. I came to realise that I had a split loyalty between wanting to grow my business and returning back to the workforce as an employee. This was impacting my progress. Working with Reeny gave me greater clarity” It was after that I learned what was most important to me to move forward. That everything is a matter of commitment and choice. If you want to create a successful business, it is the key choice points along the way that makes a difference, especially during the unpredictable start up phase. Ultimately, I have learned to believe in my abilities and what I offer to my work and to my clients.

For anyone starting up their own business or wanting to grow their business, working with Reeny will be an invaluable experience in helping you clarify your offer and gain an understanding of what’s holding you back!