Text books for Your Life

Do you even wish that you were given a textbook, or you could download a life book of instructions? Alas, there is no such book – we’re charged with writing it as we go. Just like our parents had no manual for raising us – we have no manual for raising ourselves! Life doesn’t work that way. There are times, however, when we wish we could know the outcome or have a set of rules to follow – it’s hard making decisions all the time – especially when you don’t feel like you have enough information. But, we’ll never have that information about the future – and you probably don’t want someone to tell you what to do!

We all experience good times and bad times, things that are easier – other that seem insurmountable and we all have experiences and events in our lives that we do and don’t like. Actually, without both you wouldn’t know the difference so, you need the contrast to understand your life and ‘what it all means’.

Sometimes you’ll grow and learn from the experience, and not always right away. We seem to naturally dwell on the things that don’t work and don’t keep what does in our sites. Why do we obsess about the bad but seem to forget the good so quickly?

Do you find it is far easier to hide behind failures, dwelling on what didn’t work, than it is to bask in what went right and further and extend those experiences? Give that some real thought and make a list of what went right. What have you done today, what have you done this week that went really well? How can you repeat that experience? How can you improve it? What was good about it? Can you take it apart and look about it from every angle, the way you do with the things that went wrong? Really give it some mental air time.

Make a habit of focusing on what worked and went well. By doing this, you’ll radically change your perspective and shift what you think about.  Start obsessing on what you do well, on your accomplishments, on what you want more of in your life. You’ll find that you’ll start getting more of it, more often. And, you’ll feel better in the bargain too. You can’t focus on what you love about yourself (yes, LOVE) without starting to shift how you feel. Shifting how you feel shifts how you think and it’s a great circle to find yourself in. Try it. Keep bringing your mind back to what’s good. You can. I know you can!