Do you ever wonder why some things you do in business (and in other areas of your life) just seem to flow and be easy while others seem to evade you over and over again? They seem like they should unfold easily and happen without huge effort, but again and again you run into the same stumbling blocks? It’s frustrating – sometimes even maddening.

We all have these kinds of challenges in different areas of our lives. But why? In Wallace Wattles’ classic the Science of Getting Rich, Mr. Wattles refers to doing things in the ‘certain way’. Why, he posits, do two people in the same city, in seemingly the same circumstances and in the same business have different results? Why does one succeed massively while the other fails?

He points out that they both have the same opportunity and surely if one business can succeed, so can another and yet we see examples of this all the time. The restaurant in a so-so location that is flooded with customers and the other in a great spot that is out of business within a year. Is it the food? The owners’ experience? Good luck? Or…none of these?

Wattles would say it’s because the successful business owner does things in that ‘certain way’. Wondering what that certain way is? It’s a certain way of thinking – an expectation of success and doing everything surrounding your business with that expectation.

It’s almost more a deep knowing than it is an expectation. Or you could say that it’s a deep knowing that translates into expectation – and certainty. It is that feeling of being sure and certain, but also of being unstoppable in your quest. To give your clients and customers exactly what they want, exactly how they want it and by serving them in this way, realizing a deep inner satisfaction and outward success. Success in the form of a thriving business that pays you what you’re truly worth. Success that is satisfying and rewarding and feels good and right to you – in the flow and productive.

There’s a feeling of expectation when you know things are going to turn out right. You can also create that feeling by concentrating on making a plan that really touches your heart and moves you and then acting on that plan. Sure, you adjust along the way as you learn more, as circumstances change and your experience grows.

When you do something that moves you and you do it with a feeling of positive expectancy, people sense that and their drawn in. They don’t even have to come into contact with you for that to happen. It’s as if you’re tapping into the universal law of success. Reflect on what you expect – truly and deeply expect to happen and see if what you expect is, in fact, lining up with your results.