True DesireWhat is YOUR true desire…

All true desire lies within your heart. Desire is of your Essence – your Being and thus has nothing to do with neediness, but rather with fulfillment of the Creator in You.

Your heart is the lens or magnifying glass that can feel/hear the voice that ignites your being as an individualized spark of your purpose – your essence –and knows that you will connect your truth about your it is and how it is going to be revealed.

The heart’s task is of joy and is to fulfill its relationship with You and Your Purpose.  Your expression of this desire of your heart is to discover the hiding places that hold you back- release them, so you are more joyful to receive in preparing you for all the good that is yours as potential in this lifetime.

It is simple..when you are receptive, and the heart has the task of preparing you to receive. Aligning with your heart’s desires with your business and all the good that is your due will flow into your life.       Your desire will activate the potential you want that is already present yet unknown or undiscovered or hindered.  Your desires are here to be expressed and as you quicken these seeds of desire, by elminating jagged energies, traumas and stories your potential will be ready to be  unleashed that will enable the realization of your desires to become real.

In this process, you will grow in consciousness…you will grow toward wholeness, beauty and love, and will impart your unique gifts of Self to the world, since all the creations of true desire harmonize perfectly with your  intentions for a fuller expression of yourself so you can have an increase of life and an increase for your Business as it unfolds to a beautiful manifestation.

As you take action in reaction to your attachment to your having to need in your life or business, you keep yourself separated from having what you desire, as this is seen as lack.   All separation limits potential.  The game of life is just an illusion of neediness and want and your heart will joyfully uncover those hiding places that are ready to unfold  where it will pierce through all your attachments and  insufficiencies to breakthrough to where your heart and your desires will become heard.

When your attachments are realized and released you will be ready to speak with an expressed voice of calm, ease and grace as you feel the connection of your essence.   And so fulfilling inwardly that  when you think you are needy of from external sources you will be able to return to your own essence,wherein you know you are fulfilled within yourself.      In your return to your desires, you expand potential beyond what you thought possible, and your heart can ready you to receive those opportunties.

In Connecting Heart and Business – This is what is called a Breakthrough.  Nothing I shrae with you has not been of an experience I have not had.  I know what breakthough is — where all the traumas, anger, hurt, disappointment and self-doubt are eliminated  so you can stay on track and allow more in.    An energetic release of the blockages of jagged energy so you can attract the right relationships, opportunities and offers to your clients.

When aligned to the heart, unfettered, all action becomes purposeful and will bring rewards and riches thar are far everlasting for you and your business.