As today I was working thAdjacent and Complacentrough some limiting beliefs (Yes, I Have them too!) and started to become very restless – you know that feeling of becoming overwhelmed with so much to do and looking at the possibilities in front of you sometimes with joy and gratification and other times with a sense of anxiety and frustration.    BUT in all these moments, I knew in my heart how important it was to remain calm either way and not to just take up the next best thing that may take me where I want to be.

Now this was the cruncher.  That said, it was also important to me to understand that my successes can also  ‘knock’ me  back sometimes ,  that with the success achieved  —complacency will pop its little head up and  ‘decide’ that I do not  have to do much, because I already ‘have it all’.    This happened!  Ouch!!!!

This is a terrible phase to be in– one you would never want to get into to. and one you must consciously be aware of at all times.   Mr. EGO stepped in and in that moment (Boy I work on this one) –letting go of the ego was challenging as it will become a roadblock to any future success where all your endeavors will fail.

Remember, that there will be people around you and the company you have will determine your future success – you may waste precious time, but those around you can make it even worse, they will contribute to overall wastage of your own time and energy. Thus as the saying goes, ‘like attracts like’, and above all trust your intuition at all the times.  Do what feels right and will produce the positive results you want for you.

Try to evaluate the situation, paying much importance on priorities – do not waste time and most of all do not waste your precious energy. If you act thoughtfully then your actions will be most efficient.  If intention, words, deeds, thoughts and actions are good then life will be good, and each moment will bring you success as you have taken the time to achieve your aspirations.

Realize that always there is another way to look at things”  Maybe life is great, but Complacency is Worse!

When you least expect it the answer will come and the one is the right one for you.  To trust it in our own heart, and then take the necessary action for YOU not anyone else. This will ensure your success and your being – your beautiful individual self and sense of purpose that God wants you to bring to the world will manifest.