Rust OutI’ve got a term you may not have heard before: Rust-out or rust out. You’ve heard of burn-out, but here’s a different twist.

Have you ever experienced that feeling when you used to be in control, in charge and knew exactly what to do only to find in some situations you just can’t bring up that confidence and ability?

Do you ever lay awake at night worrying about money or bills or all the things there are to do and all the things that are between you and accomplishing your goals?

♥I’ve heard it phrased a whole variety of ways, including

♥just can’t get going

♥I feel trapped

♥’ve lost my vision and sense of purpose

♥I’m worried about my business and how I’m going to make ends meet

♥I used to be a successful executive, on the move and certain – now I can’t seem to get on track

Do any of those sound familiar or resonate with you?

Would you agree that we need a certain amount of creative tension to get things done?

That tension is stress, but good stress, the kind that drives you. But it needs to be on purpose and you need to have clarity about where you’re going, why you’re getting up in the morning and what’s yours to do. Without you lack focus and can feel off course.

The longer that goes on, the more lacking in direction you feel, the harder it is to get back to the heart of your life’s work. It’s a bit of a vicious circle.

It’s Rust Out.

Think of as a garden where nothing grows well. The soil is there, but it needs nourishment. It needs to be enriched to produce.

For us humans, that enrichment is usually other people. Someone who can see us in a way we can’t see our own self.

Someone who can bring perspective and help us get back on track. If you don’t allow that kind of help, if you don’t find someone who can awaken what’s within and give perspective from without, you often end up in a major crisis and that’s what gets your attention. And, you want to avoid that at all costs. Crisis is too stressful, too draining, and too hard to bounce back from. And, you deserve better.

It’s like the oil that will wash away the rust, make it easy to move, let the ideas flow all while you’re basking in the feeling that comes from taking care of yourself and ultimately getting back to doing what is yours to do.