The Success Lie

The lie? Thinking that “success” is all about “action”

Do you expect too little? Do you never ask for enough of yourself? And, here’s a big one: are you always all things to everyone and always giving? You probably say yes way more than you say no, even when you know that you’re pushing too hard and giving too much.

Do you feel a lack of fulfillment in life in general or have the sense your life is passing you by and not filled with purpose and satisfaction? You’re doing a lot, yet you still have a sense of emptiness and restlessness.  You’ve probably done the studying, made the plan – have put all the pieces in place, learned all the skills, yet you’re not feeling fulfilled.

This might help!

We all believe this really big lie that thinking that “success” is all about “action”.  But I know that you know (in your heart) that this just isn’t the case. Sure you can work hard and achieve success, of course, but what do you have to sacrifice to have it… your health, your relationships… your very Spirit. Here’s my question to you:  when you look back on all the success, will you be able to say that you had joy?

Imagine if you were on your death bed, would you be saying “do I ever wish I would’ve worked a little harder,” no, I suspect you would be wishing that you’d spent a little less time worrying, a little more time playing, and a little less time trying to prove your worth through “hard work.” It is not hard work that is the true measure of success. The true measure of success is Joy.

What I want is for you to look back on ALL the success you achieved and to say “Yes! I did have Joy!!!” “Yes, I enjoyed the process, I feel my life was full and vibrant and well-lived”!

True success has less to do with what you “Do” and everything to do with how you “Be.”  The lie that we have to keep doing is old.  When you learn to become an energetic (vibration) match to your desires, you’ve accomplished the most important work. Period. End of story. It won’t matter what others think, what others have lived, what you have lived, or even what you are living right now. None of that will have any bearing on your ability to achieve anything you desire.

Instead of focusing on what you are doing, pay more attention to the state you’re in when you are doing it.

There really are no hard and fast “one size fits all rules” for YOUR success except aligning your energy, and that means following the trail of what makes you happy. When you feel good and consciously align your energy it will “Supercharge” everything you do – and your results will absolutely reflect your alignment. You will be led to everything you need to the fulfillment of the joyful, successful life you want. And, it’s what I sincerely wish for you.