You’ve probably heard the phrase – Stephen Covey’s I believe – Begin with the end in Mind.

Own what has held you back and transom it in a way that serve you and your clients more powerfully.   Because believe it or not  – despite of what you have learned  through your entire life to the cotrary – you won’t remove  those obstacles to our success.

Once done – carve the uniquely guided  direction you are going.

Upside Down Approach to Business

Where do you see yourself in a year? Two? Three to five years down the road?

Begin with the furthest out point and then you fill in the map from here to there.

Do some visioning to really feel and know where you want to be a ways out on the journey.

Then, come back to present time.

What do you offer and who do you offer it to. I know that seems basic, but stay with me a moment.

Let’s say you’re a healer with a private practice.

Who do you work best with or prefer to work with? People of a certain age? Gender? With a certain challenge? Something else?

Is that audience easily reachable and are there enough people to make a living?

For example, you might like working with women who have been in car accidents to help them deal with the emotion of the experience so they can begin the physical healing of injury. Very specific.

However, you might be able to get referrals from other professionals who see people who have been in automobile accidents, so maybe that’s a viable market for you.

Next, you might figure out what you would charge and how many people you would need to see in order to generate the kind of income you need.

How will you reach that number of people?

How long will they see you (how many weeks, months or years) so you know how many new people you need. Over time, you’ll find you’ll get referrals as well.

Perhaps you work the number and find you just can’t see enough people to make this work.

What else could you do?

Could you put together a ‘toolkit’ that people might use? Perhaps an audio meditation and some suggestions for helping them deal with the aftermath. That could add an income stream.

Maybe you’ll broaden out and offer your services to other people, or in other ways.

If you spend the time to be creative you’ll find lots of ideas. See what other people are doing and what you can add that’s different, a niche that isn’t being filled that is PERFECT for YOU and you alone.

Don’t worry about what other people are doing, there is plenty of room for your contribution, your brilliance, your wisdom.

The truth is that the people you  attract are not buying your service, products or programs, they’re buying you and the unique contribution you bring to the table. They are buying an experience that you give them that only you can offer.

Don’t underestimate your own power of attraction.

Take the time to put your ideas on paper – do it with clarity congruence and certainty and watch what magic comes your way.

Planning doesn’t have to be boring – but it does have to be done and on purpose!

The foundation of your business is  mixture of knowledge which gives  you strengths and with curiosity and vulnerability which gives you flexibility, spirit and connection.  A combination of Mentoring and Coaching helps to brings these two ingredients to your foundation.