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You may feel you have lost your way – either momentarily or in the larger sense. You may have forgotten who you truly are and how to reconnect to the depths of your being. Then, once you do find it, you want to know how to ‘speak to it’ and nourish it so it grows and blossoms. You have a deep well of truth and peace and strength within you.

Yet sometimes we often forget. When we remember who we truly are. Every day we try to connect and remember as we express our unique wonderful self by living a life of certainty. We have come from many places, ideas and times and each one of us bears your own extraordinary gifts. For thousands upon thousands of years, we have joined in the practice of performing everyday knowing acts of compassion and generosity.

Separation of  who we truly are

Today, the separation between ourselves and our Inner Teacher has grown. He who has stood in our power of generosity and compassion of years past the ordinary where we no longer exist. Most of us live in a modern-day society where we have laptops, use social media, and wear well-tailored clothing. Despite how integrated into society and the modern world we seek to belong, we are not always connected with becoming one with truth. The idea of doing so is not always supported by those around us. The deep truth is that you are free – beholden to no-one.

To lead an awe-inspiring life, we usually had to find time to build a life while working and fitting into society. This may have made us stronger. We know how to care for others; do our job and equally we learn how to care for ourselves. We intuitively recognize and know the sense of peace and well-being an ordered well-appointed life brings. We know this subconsciously – like it is programmed. Now, it is time to learn how to take that from the internal to the external – to shine it out into the world.

“You must do the thing you think you cannot do” Eleanor Roosevelt

The Myth

Today things have changed where we can explore our differences and reclaim them as powerful and positive without being threatening or being labelled as odd or worse aggressive or pushy. Now, the privilege of expressing through the voice our inner teacher belongs to us. To close the separation of who we truly are. To remove the illusions and remembering forgiveness.

Letting go is a myth if we think we must work harder to achieve.  We can get on with the exciting and joyous work of sharing the true gift of who we are with others, in a prevailing way.

If you come to fame not understanding who you are, it will define who you are. 

    ”Oprah Winfrey

The thought of letting go of what you already know can be daunting. Stepping into your power, who we truly are, is authentic and genuine. It is not scary, to you, or to anyone else. It’s a sort of ‘gentle empowerment.

The Real You

Like Oprah, it is essential to just be, what is natural, to have purpose. This is what people will be attracted to, your inner essence — your INNER TRUTH. Not what others say you must be?

•Who do you need to be?

•What is important to you?

•What is your core identity?

When we experience a strong intense experience we create beliefs that can be of service or disservice.    All thoughts or learning that say emphatically and without a shadow of a doubt will carry us backward or forward. They can sabotage or poison ourselves into a disempowering state. Thoughts of undeserving grow into a belief, most likely from some past experience deep within the shadow of ourselves.

How to know the voice of inner teacher?

Allow your unconscious mind to get in touch to what is important where you will easily begin to perceive  and recognize allowing guidance into your life, you know it will be good for you. Somehow, it just takes us forward.
In our silence, just a moment in time. It does not take hours just a  moment.    Our thoughts will flow,  yet don’t judge , argue with them, or censor them. Ask and you  will receive without question.  Put the ego aside and free yourself to listen.
We have the choice to experience  the opposite of perfection which leads us home. Become an awakened watcher. It is your birthright to know peace, harmony, health ;and happiness all the time in all situations.  It is your destiny.