Isn’t it funny how what you focus on is what manifests in your life?  Think about it for a minute. If you think about lack and limitation and your frustration with the lack in your life, does anything change? No. Do you feel good? No. Do you feel frustrated and stuck? Most likely you do.

If you focus on what you undoubtedly want, which is the opposite of lack and limitation – abundance and plenty, guess what tends to happen?  Your life starts to feel abundant, then it starts to actually BE abundant. Sound over simple? Maybe.

Let’s call the negativity – the thing you don’t want, resistance. Resistance is a tension, is something you struggle against.  It’s a negative emotion, a negative feeling or belief.  As long as you focus on the resistance and the issues you’re resisting, then your choice is just that – the resistance, the struggle.

When thinking about this concept, the most difficult thing for people to do is focus on desires rather than ‘appearances’. What appears to be real in the moment is often the way you are perceiving your reality. Say you’re feeling you don’t have enough money, or enough clients, or enough free time. You think about it constantly, nothing changes. The appearance is you’re too busy, your life is jammed packed, there’s no breathing room.

What if you made a decision? Simple, plain decision. You say: there is all the time I need. My work gets done easily and pleasurably. There is ample time left over for enjoying a leisurely meal, visiting with friends and family, taking care of my health and relaxing.  I travel regularly and feel at ease in my work and in my life. I let go and release fears and worry.

I know, just saying this does NOT make it so. But saying it repeatedly and replacing the fear and worry ‘tapes’ that play in your head and cause you stress WILL make it so.  It might not happen overnight, but you know what? It might. How you think, what you believe and what you focus shifts everything and creates real changes.

The interesting thing that happens on the way is you shift your thinking; your attitude and you start to feel better and enjoy life more.  Our days and hours and moments go by and are made up of what we’re thinking and how we feel. It you change that quality and those ideas minute to minute, you begin to reweave the fabric of your life and before you realize it, you are living the life you want. Yes, it’s simple. But, it’s not easy.  You must be vigilant and guard your thoughts carefully. Try this. I promise you it will shift your outlook, your outcome, your entire life.

If you are holding back to the level of the lowest common denominator you will never experience abundance.   Whatever it is, these resistances are just a start.  Work with me and I will help you make the breakthroughs, where you will notice immediate change.