Is it time to get an intuiton upgrade?Is it time for an intuition upgrade?

It’s easy in our fast-paced world to stop looking inside and direct our focus outward. We forget to steer by our inner compass and look instead to the media, the internet, even to the those around us for opinions and ideas and instead of seeing our reflection through the filter of our intuition and knowing, we see it through something we might not be consciously choosing.

It happens to all of us, it’s almost impossible to avoid. Sometimes I think it comes from the sheer amount of input we receive every day, so much of not of our choosing. The simple remedy – I’ve found – is to immerse yourself in structured way – at least a little bit every day, in the information and ideas you want to be driving your life.

It is true that we get what we focus on. The things and ideas that we give our attention to tend to manifest in our lives. If you want to experience a greater sense of self, take a deep dive into personal power and inner peace, take the steps to deliberately infuse your days with self-development and personal growth.

Do it in the way that works best for you – take a class, read a book, watch DVDs or listen to audios. You can even play audios in the background while you drive, or cook or take a relaxing bath.

Sometimes it’s harder to get started in the habit of listening to the positive material you know you want to hear. You wait until just the right moment. When you’re alone, when there’s no work to do, when the kids are sleeping. The time just never comes.

If you ‘trick yourself’ by listening ‘between the cracks’ while driving say, suddenly you’ll have started and you’ll crave more and you’ll find you MAKE the time to focus on what you want to hear, know, do and be. It’s the getting started, or re-started that’s so hard. Much harder than keeping going.

You’ll start to notice your confidence is higher and you’re more able to identify what is inspired action that you really want to take and what is bogging you down and draining your energy. Things that you might have dismissed now seem possible.

It does happen because you give yourself the gift of growth and that’s a big step toward believing in yourself. When you believe, the universe believes. When you create the openings, the opportunities appear. Your job? Slow down enough. Feed your soul. Make the time. Life is short and time is precious. You deserve to make choices that are good for you.

Take a moment in the quiet to find your center, take a few deep breaths and repeat: I am in a state of soul expansion. And so it is. And so you are.