today you are one day closerYou are One Day Closer Today

You are becoming the person you are meant to be.

Today you have more experience, and more wisdom than you did just one day ago.

So what’s the best thing to do today? More!

You are more today than you’ve ever been before. What a waste it would be to ignore that! What a waste it would be not to make full use of it! Now that you’ve become more, it’s time to do more.

Right now, you have what it takes to put more effort into your work, more love into your relationships, more discipline into your actions, more passion into your life.

The tools and opportunities available to you have grown. So use them to make your results and your life grow, too – not next week, not in a few days, but right now.

What can you improve just a little bit today?

Those little improvements add up, compounding on each other until you’ve soon forged your life into a masterpiece.

You have more today than ever before. So go out and make more of this day than you’ve ever done.

Today is truly golden, and you have what it takes to make your life shine more brightly with each passing moment.

You really can do it, you know

“I have been impressed with the urgency of doing.

Knowing is not enough;

We must apply. Being willing is not enough, we must do.” Leonard Da Vinci

Or maybe?

Go into the don’t know mind and accept uncertainty.  What would that do?  When we rest in the ‘sense’ of the unknown, we can gain a different freedom.  An emptiness just as certainty is never certain.  The idea of being totally not knowing.

We come from a world of planning making projects from beginning to end – with certainty of the results.  The reality is even though we heart from others it will be an easy path, somewhat with great comfort.

Knowing oneself and accepting your place in the world in your life, career or relationships, you will know from all the leanings, wisdom, and challenges.  Today you are one day closer.  How will you be able to contribute without certainty.

Accepting – vulnerable – open?

Which path will you take?  Knowing or unknowing.  Ironically it is when we are unconscionably trying to control things is when things go awry.  If we accept the uncertainty  and acknowledge this in our life what excitement this would bring.

Instead of forcibly trying to control  we are  most likely to find the most advantageous solution to any given situation.