The TruthDo you Trust?  Are you listening?

We ask for possibilities and promise.  We get sent messages through events, people, music and more.  Can we hear through all the noise so we can listen?

There are so many programs and ideas out there competing for our attention, promising to make it easy, hydraulic and sure-fire.

We’ve all follow some of these programs and ideas and find that some work but mostly that we didn’t fit the mold; it might be right for someone else but didn’t exactly work for you. How many of these have come through in and out of your life?

Truth is – you are the source of your own ideas and possibilities.

You must trust the journey and walk your path, letting it unfold the way it does for you, which is unique and different from everyone else’s path, but perfect for you.

You must know yourself and trust yourself (at times) in order for your truth to come forward. I look at my own journey over these past few years and I’ve had to uncover so much of my own truth and answer questions about how I do business.

For example, I have created some incredible programs, have written and then worked and re-worked them so they’re exactly as I want them. All during that time I had two conflicts that kept resurfacing.

The first was an urge to get everything out NOW and quickly, to speed up and move, move, move.

Everywhere I turned that seemed to be the formula for success. Instant this, fast that, stories of people who made things happen overnight – you’ve heard it all too. It’s enough to wear you out just hearing about it.

What I came to understand was I was happier taking my time and feeling I was building something with genuine value. That’s where my integrity feels fully intact and I feel that congruence that comes with being aligned with my own principles.

Sure, it was slower than it might have been, but it was on my time and what I learned will guide me forever, its part of me now.  When can anyone really trust the journey that it will take them where they are meant to me.  We hold tightly rather than flow.

The second was the conflict I felt about putting things ‘out for sale’ and being pushy or in your face.

How could I do that from a genuinely helpful place and not worry about the outcome? I came to understand and believe that everything would unfold as it was meant to.

The right and perfect people would find my programs. I would coach and mentor that people for whom my style, beliefs and experience were the exact right fit. When you know and believe that – deep in your bones, you come to appreciate and value the process – your process.

The journey has been long for me but I feel it has connected me with my truth. Ultimately I have come to realize the more my work is in harmony with my core beliefs, the more I flow in peace and abundance, the more people are drawn to me. It’s almost like I have to let go to get a firm grip on what I want and envision.

And, just like the rest of life, the journey has been filled with joy and overlaid with frustration too. However, I believe now, more fully than ever that when you connect to the truth of who you are and the heart of what you represent, the answers are always there.

My best advice from this long and powerful journey:

Listen for the truth and trust your journey as it is spoken – silently.

Forsake the busyness for just a little while and trust the journey.  It is often enough where truth will emerge and it will be beautiful, real and it will guide you to exactly what is yours to do and exactly how you should do it.

I wish you peace and prosperity.