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Let’s first look at the word ‘certainty by considering its opposite – uncertainty. Our perception will change as to the way we perceive certainty.  Giving power to its illusion certainty will create uncertainty.

We would all love to go into life knowing there is a level of certainty. The reality is we are wired for struggle, resistance, frustration, disillusion and competition. This is how we come into balance and stay safe from a raging storm!

 “Notes of the Universe”

Have you known that lack of clarity?

Honor the uncertainty as it is the wound where all knowing comes.

 We can argue to stay in control presenting psychological safety and creating a belief keeping us from exploration and expansion.  We argue for our own limitations, experiences and knowledge – and then get caught in resisting growth and opportunity.

Often our struggles are internal, and since we move in an interactive world – filled with people, those struggles manifest in our work, our relationships, our careers and often, in our bank accounts.

Balanced or Out of Control

Do you ever have trouble feeling balanced and in control one day and uncertain and wavering the next? Sometimes the balance lasts for days – even weeks – and then you plummet – again (!) Throwing you into the cycle of confusion and uncertainty.

This balanced feeling is a sense of being sure of what you’re doing, following a plan, knowing what is yours to do and stepping out confidently to get it done. Being in balance the spin feels in flow, thriving, happily graciously emotionally gyrating towards the end!

When you are operating on autopilot, uncertainty often will manifest itself in a number of ways:

  • feeling like there’s too much to do,
  • feeling like there’s too little time,
  • feeling uncertain of the direction to take, what’s next and the struggle continues.

You might even question what you’re doing makes sense and is reasonable.

  • Sometimes you can put it all aside, do what you can, only to stop or slow down, and find your mental unrest come pouring back in.
  • Sometimes it’s when your head hits the pillow at night and all the thoughts you’ve managed to keep at bay (with or without realizing it) come bubbling up to the surface.
  • Storms rage – you can’t really keep them at bay. You can, however, prepare for them and have strategies for finding the calm in the storm so we can come back to balance more quickly.
  • You may have the feeling of being stuck, unclear, as if fighting against the quicksand where we are struggling to stay above ground, without momentum.
  • You keep fighting the quicksand to stay in control – and then sink in defeat, as nothing seems to go as smooth as you want.  The result (!) you know.

Uncertainty and challenges

On the other hand, you may just feel in overwhelmed muddles – with your head spinning so fast with ideas and (obsessions?) to get to the end.  You cannot stop long enough to get quiet to realise what you are trying to accomplish.

When you’re stressed, things often seem bigger and worse than they really are. Understanding you’re feeling ‘unglued’ doesn’t really help sustain resilience during uncertainty.  However, acknowledging your feelings of being unbalanced and uncentered helps to calm the storm- when you’re strained.

Certainly, we have all experience such.  One step forward and one step back.  Trudging through life with days of exhilaration and then dismay.   Moving through the challenges of each day. Where we feel elated to downright miserable.

Remember there is always light inside these darker days.  Staying in the dark is often easier – less challenging – than acceptance.   Universal Laws always state there is a gestation period.  Knowing this we still fight to get there faster.

Possibilities and Chances

You will contest the events asking questions of why again.  This is our journey.  How we find confidence to move forward is another question.

Even in those lost moments, there is still hope for you. There are still possibilities and chances to access answers to those pressing questions where we will feel motivation to move on and experience the enthusiasm once again.

We are not here just to live an ordinary life, pay bills and then leave this great planet.  We are here to experience a higher purpose, to find your inner wisdom.  We are all here to grow and learn. to create the good things around us and to gather knowledge and experience for things that you love and respect. And at the same time experience and learn from the mistakes or failures in life.


Questions and more questions. Let yourself give you an opportunity to know your true self, understand what you really want and have the courage to succeed in everything that you imagine.

Confidence is part of this and can help you to improve yourself day by day. However, some people are getting too far and end up being arrogant pushing with tactics that do not serve.

For you to truly understand yourself, or to stop being troubled by things that may have happened in your past, you must be able to divulge your inner most secrets to another.  Getting stuff off our chests lighten the heaviness of troubles.  But, even if you have lost the initiative during the path to success, do not feel that you have already lost all hope.

You may lose one battle, but you can still win the war. With an attitude of hope, sooner or later, you will get back on the saddle and be the person that you have always wanted to be.

Remember you are not walking your path alone.  Take time to reflect and know yourself; to figure it out what you really want, what makes you happy and fulfilled, and what calms you down at the end of the day.

Ask the questions, quite the mind and listen to the answers.