happinessYou probably notice in your life the resistant effort when you expect too much or when you are upping the ante to have more to be happy.  You become frustrated and irritated.    That resistance reduces the flow and returns back to you what you most don’t want.

What are we striving for and how can this be realized in our life?

For a number of us there is a deep gap between the life we are striving for, the individual we perceive ourselves to be, and seeking more to get what we want.

Let’s first define the word ‘want’.

According to Middle English: the noun means ‘lacking’; the verb be lacking’ with the original notion of ‘lack’ extended to need or a sense of desire.

There is an excess of energy spent on the areas of our lives spending more time doing tasks or exercises that we may not so much want to do but genuinely feel persuaded to do so to achieve what we desire believing that this will make us happy.

When you achieve one goal, you set another one making the goal achieved now a sense of temporary happiness,  For some reason always searching for more the next best thing.

When you get that ideal job that you have been searching for, happiness looms for a while. So you start again, dreaming even bigger ideals for gratification and happiness.  So what do you hear the most out there?

Think Bigger – Set you Intention and Go for It!

When you become attached to an outcome it actually does the reverse.  By manipulating actions to achieve a result you are seeking, we diminish it manifestation.  Our fears set in, now afraid it won’t come to pass so we keep trying. Furthermore, our ego is strong,  Our ego will continually push us to strive for more.

We live out of fear that if we don’t get what we want and won’t be happy or accepted.   If our energy is continually expands to seek for more we are projecting this as an attachment for external gratification — the doing results will be — you know — only temporary.

Would you call this a freeing experience?

Honestly, it is what we have been taught.

How can we escape this trap that has been projected on to us that having more puts us at odds with happiness?

Non-attachment is a hard practice to follow in our society given our environment of consumerism, desire, expectations, orientation to taking action and achievement,  we think we need.  But it can be done, even in the all the pressures of media and social change.  It only takes awareness and a shift of perspective.

So how can we become more aware?

We need to stop attaching ourselves to the outcomes and start relying on our inner selves, our higher guidance.  Our higher guidance knows our truth.  This is our real source of all the answers we will ever seek.    The issue though is how do we know what we hear is truth?  Learning how to discern what truth is the first  step.

As a witness you awareness expands to what is going on around us.  Here is where we make a choice not to engage in what everyone else is doing.

Just for a moment, notice what is happening around you,  You may even witness your own response.  Now take note and exercise your will and take responsibility then choose to not allow your mind to go down its familiar path.

Holding  expectations about what is to happen is certain for temporary happiness.  . You may intend a certain result. But do not become attached to it.

There is freedom here, even for something else to occur, maybe even better that the one you might have got engaged about.

You can allow life to flow and to trust that what you really need will come to you.

“Everything can be taken from a man but the last of the human freedoms – to choose one’s attitude in any given set of circumstances, to choose one’s own way”  Victor Frankl