What are you waiting for? Someday?

19 November

Anxious child at window“Earl Nightingale’ is famously quoted as saying: Success is a progression of a worthy ideal.  What is a worthy idea anyway? We tend to chase the end result. We have a lot of thinking that sounds like: when I ________ then I will blank. What are you waiting for? To be happy? To have everything a certain way? To accomplish a certain financial goal, or business goal, or achieve some measure of success that means you will have arrived at some destination?

You often postpone your dreams to serve others fully until the right time, place, relationship, bank account balance, etc. It’s easy for us to fall back into playing the waiting game until “SOMEDAY”!.

Your service,  product or even the book you wrote has been driven by passion YET  success is still on the horizon.  Why!  We are often our own worst enemies, and block the flow of success with old mind grooves – the attitudes, beliefs  and behaviors that do not support our highest intention.

Getting out of your own way involves becoming awake and aware of what stops you, changing it so you can live your true calling, with passion to serve others. Simple, but not easy!

What drives you? Having more money? Traveling the world? Writing a book? Volunteering? What result do you seek from the things you want to accomplish?

Bob Proctor defines a worthy ideal as the energy behind your ideal (goal) that will fuel your mind and body to travel through those severe storms you know you will encounter. We know that the most worthwhile things aren’t usually the easiest, BUT DO YOU accept that the storms in life are designed to strengthen you and help you grow? You need the mental muscle to keep you going – driving toward your dreams, toward your destiny.

All goals need to charged. It’s the energy of spirit and desire that comes from our innermost expression of who we are. It’s as if we are meant to do something – we know what it is and if we can infuse what we want with our passion and belief, YES BELIEF, is when we can step into the abundance that is ours to have.

But, what do we do? We get stuck in our heads, ask questions, doubt and fear pulls you back!

We don’t stay in the open and feeling place. We plan, we scheme, we worry….sound familiar? I know. I see my work with clients being to help them connect to their essence and sense of purpose.

When it happens – it’s so satisfying it brings the magic back into the vision and now, the satisfaction of realizing a worthy ideal.

So much of personal development talks about things happening fast. When everything aligns it happens with ease – it slips into place. That’s what we’re told, but then we still struggle and keep wondering: Am I doing it right? What am I missing? I think it just takes time to grasp this concept.

We’re stubborn and we don’t listen (or hear!) the first time, or the second, or however many times, until we do.

And, that’s the journey. We try, we try again, we experience failures and successes and eventually, we soften into our calling and we stop taking ourselves so seriously, we stop trying so hard and we give ourselves over to ease, to success, to the joy in the journey.

This is what I learned:  You don’t have to slow down just calm down and listen. Listen to that inner voice and realize that you are the center of all creation. Your inner genius is wrapped within every cell of your body.

You already are filled with the infinite capabilities to do your work. Your prosperity awaits. Slow down, and reel it in.

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  1. get smart December 1, 2013 at 5:24 am #

    Instead of kicking back and enjoying a life of power and wealth, this young man gave up his prosperity and began a lecture tour which emphasized the fulfillment of effort rather than the end result. While he never denounced material prosperity and in fact advanced success as a worthy objective, he was essentially concerned with the process itself. The essence of his teaching was focus on the now.

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