We Embody what We believe

05 January

At the moment you decide to take action, your energy in thoughts, feeling, emotions and attitude create the result.Feelings

When we are grateful and are energizing our actions with feelings of joy and happiness wondrous events take place that we seek.

If we are taking action with feeling of having to, desperation and neediness,  we sabotage ourselves.

This sense of  neediness suggests there is a part of you that unexpectedly believes ‘why bother,’  that you can’t be that happy or some part of you points out what is imperfect.

Giving in a negative state, which is most likely unconscious, stops the flow.

Negative words then become some type of physical neglect and even though your words are mentally harmful, you still hold on to what you wholeheartedly accept about YOU for who you are and know there is no possibility of change.

This self-harm behavior becomes a habit, and this harmful habit feels impossible to break.

These bad habits have been shaping your values, choices and self-value.  Our limiting beliefs keep acting, in spite of our good intentions.

Where as if you are giving in an active, positive and  joyful state something moves from you to another with the results you expect are given.   It is where you take something from somewhere else and bring it towards yourself.

We embody in our physical bodies what we believe!

In a passive neediness conscious state, our body may tighten and constrict generating feelings of sadness, anger or resentment.

When we open ourselves feels freeing to us, and to give with compassion and joy, our bodies feel lighter and buoyant.

Our feelings are our best guidance.

♥What if you use your imagination and  talk to yourself in a positive context rather than the faults you find in yourself?

♥What if you weren’t broken and didn’t have to fix yourself?

Changing the feelings about yourself is the first step to positive change.

Giving and receiving in fact are constant and in motion and must be equally balanced.

If your life is not turning out the way you want it to be, adjust your feelings and the underlying beliefs knowing there is possibility of change.

♥Bring your body to an awareness state, touch your heart and just notice how you feel when you are taking action.

♥Then ask, in your heart how that flow speaks to you.  Is it constricted or is it light?

“With honor and reverence lay those old beliefs to rest.

Honor and revere your values, the deep powerful and profound  knowing of what you want to bring with you.

This is the blessing and a way of life.  You deserve this.

Leave behind what has been holding you back, that pain,  so you can create something new that is even deeper and more profound that fills your heart with the joy and compassion carrying a harmonious flow””

Treat yourself as worthy.

You are worthy and can live knowing your worth.  Be empathetic, continue to feel deeply and open to seeing the purpose and wisdom in everything you do.

Your heart has the answers to the most challenging question – stay in stillness – and listen!


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