Wealth is not MoneyShocking as it may be, true wealth is not about money!

It’s something very different. People get stuck on this concept – in fact, it’s why most people don’t create true wealth!

Are you tired of the daily inundation – through social media and in your email – programs and ideas and seminars and books to increase your income, all focused on how to achieve that magic number?   The big secret is money is not what we are really after.  Money is great for what it does do: get us the things  we desire in life and the freedom to have more choice.  

I think it’s critically important to understand that wealth is a journey. The only real obstacle to achieving wealth is what lives between your ears – in other words what you think and feel about money itself. So often it’s said just take ‘these steps’ and deliberately focus on the outcome and Whoosh!  It will appear. 

What I have come to understand and I believe wealthy people all understand and appreciate on some level is that you must be able to believe in what you want before it can ever happen. In essence that means removing your unconscious resistance to having more of what you want in your life – including money!

You must be willing to listen to your own heart instead of listening to the masses. Of course, modelling others and is good, but we all have the tendency to ask how they got to where they are, thinking if we just do the same thing, we’ll get there too.

We’re always looking for quick solutions. And, there’s nothing wrong with quick either, my experience however, is that wealth is a journey and not a quick fix with a simple one-size-fits-all solution.

Think of wealth as a journey, an ongoing process. It’s not just a destination where you arrive and just like that, the journey is over.  This isn’t something you accomplish overnight. If you achieve wealth quickly without understanding the mindset to achieving wealth, you can easily and quickly lose it as fast.  Those that win the lottery often become penniless a few years later.  They have never been taught to think, feel and believe what being wealthy is. Sadly, because that’s true, they’re doomed to lose their new found wealth just as quickly as they got it.   

Do what you love and make money from that – there’s a way to live and experience your own greatness and achieve that which is yours to do.

Building wealth is not an external process outside of you. 

For it to exist it has to be an ‘inside out’ job – one that come from within and manifests, or shows up, without.  What are you willing to change? 

Whether you grow up in the poorest of communities or come from the silver spoon you have the same potential as others to create what you want in whatever context you choose to create it.  No matter what anyone tells you about wealth your life will never change until you do and believe without doubt that it is possible.