unachieved desires

I’ve been thinking about the word ‘WANT’ lately and it’s an interesting one when you being to think about it and then see it in use.

Today I want to explore an interesting concept surrounding getting what you want, knowing what you want and communicating to the universe what you want and seeing it manifest in your life.

Ganjii asks the most important questions of your life

♥What do you really want?

♥What is your life about?

♥What is it being used for?

♥How is your time spent?

♥Where is your attention?

♥Is your life meaningful?

♥Are you happy?

♥What is the longing of your heart and soul?

♥Is it a longing for truth and freedom?

Sometimes when we think about what we want, we focus on what we don’t have, so we come at want from a negative space, a space of need or lack.

Have you ever experienced this phenomenon? You want something – either a tangible material thing like a new house or a trip, or something simpler like a new pair of crazy, expensive boots. Or your desire is for something less tangible, like an achievement, a business a goal or relationship?

Think of what happens?

The wanting sometimes comes from not having. Let’s use a relationship as an example – something we can all relate to fairly easily. Say you desire a partner or you have a partner and you wish your relationship was somehow different – more loving, more exciting, more harmonious. That desire or want comes from not having those things. You’re in a relationship that feels stale or where there’s fighting or tension.

What do you focus on more of the time?

Picturing the loving satisfying relationship you desire or the problems in the relationship you’re currently experiencing? It’s almost a no-brainer- we all tend to focus on the difficulties in the current relationship.

When we do that, we are living, moving and having our being – our very existence – inside those limiting beliefs – inside of the lack. If you have all the hours in the day where your mind is focusing on and thinking about your relationship and you’re dwelling on what you don’t like – guess what! That’s the thing you’re surrounding with energy.

It’s the vibration you’re creating.

The result? You’re putting so much time and attention on ‘the thing’ that ‘the thing’ manifests and keeps playing over and over in your life. Makes sense, doesn’t it?

So, the question becomes, how do I break the cycle? How do I focus on what I want instead of what I’m experiencing? How do I give the message to the universe (or whatever you call it and however you think about it) so that I manifest what I desire?

You have to turn your attention and your focus – more often – to that which you desire. By doing so, you shift your energy and you begin to bring what you want toward you. Imagine thinking about a fulfilling and satisfying relationship. You picture exactly how that would look, how that feels. You take your focus off the problem and you ‘feel the solution’.

Here’s the brilliance of how we’re wired as human beings: your subconscious can’t tell the difference between what you’re living in your mind (thinking) and what you’re living in reality (your day-to-day experience).

That means you can incorporate your thinking process into your being process and thereby start to actually live what you think about. Before you think this sounds too simple – remember, that when you use this process, you can’t be attached to the outcome. It may look different than you think, or expect, but it will become your reality and perhaps much sooner than you might think.

Focus on what you want.

Allow yourself to live inside that desire. Stay open to how it’s delivered to you, because it surely and certainly will be.

Here’s to your happiness and to realizing all you WANT from your life.