When spirituality is your defining principle – whatever that means to you and however it incorporates ‘right livelihood’ – there’s a good chance that you’d like to do business with and spend your money where people share your values.

Since money is the physical representation we use to exchange value, how you uses your can be a powerful statement and a definition of belief and purpose. Spiritual Marketing for your business can be about incorporating your beliefs and values in how you present yourself. It might mean that you always think about what you can do for others, following the principle that if you get involved enough in what other people want and genuinely care that they get, you will get what you want as well.

Knowing your core values is essential for your business to thrive and prosper. It also makes it easier to make decisions and to know what fits with you plans – saying yes or no becomes much simpler and more straightforward.

Core values might be:

  • Integrity in your offerings
    Best value for the money
    Best service for the money (perhaps combined with best value, or not)
    Lowest Price
    Best delivery
    Widest Selection
    Most Convenient
    Best quality
    Creating shareholder value
    Treating employees with respect and paying them as well as possible

When you live your values and when you teach those who represent your business to embrace and espouse those values, then your clients and customers know what you stand for, how you do business and what to expect.

It opens the floodgates to attract like-minded people to your business, creating a win-win. You get to work with the people who share you values, so do they and they get to support those values in exchange with their dollars.

Spiritual Marketing always reflects your values and expresses how you offer them to your marketplace in a way that is meaningful to them. After all, it’s important for you to be who you are and stand for what you believe in and it may be equally important for them to work with companies that are in alignment with what they believe in.

When you are operating from your core beliefs, you feel grounded, in integrity and everything that happens in your business flows solidly from that foundation. Marketing is not a dirty word; it’s the idea of spreading the news about what you do. If you do it well and provide genuine value that should be something you want to shout from the rooftops!

Aligning purpose, passion and mindset – Connecting Heart and Business to Attract the Right Clients, Income and Lifestyle.